Dental Recall and Call Answering Services

Our Premier Methods for Patient Retention and Scheduling Appointments

At Platinum Recall, our goal is to help you boost productivity in your business. As our name shows, we best do so in via recall by scheduling overdue patients for your practice. Most practices struggle in the recall department. Instead of falling in this common problem, you can stand above other practice by incorporating the effective principles that are a part of our Patient Retention Program.

We will guide you in the following aspects to improve recall:

  • Live Appointment Scheduling to Reactivate Patients
  • Comprehensive Reports with Feedback for Improvement
  • Recall Training
  • Live Call Answering After-Hours

Benefits of Using Platinum Recall

Retain and Reactivate Patients

Contacting by phone is the best way to reactivate overdue patients. Platinum Recall will contact patients by phone and schedule them in the practice management software. Our recall specialists are trained and professional. Our dialogue has been professionally developed for this specific purpose. We can reactivate overdue hygiene or unscheduled treatment patients; our system is customizable to your office.

Platinum Recall creates a consistent and productive way of reactivating patients who have not been in the practice for up to five years! Get all the benefits of telephone recall without having to managing it.

Monthly Reports

Every month your practice will receive a comprehensive report detailing the recall done for your practice during the month. These reports give you valuable information about what your patients think of your practice. This feedback alone can help a practice improve retention, and make sound business decisions. We will let you know if a patient has moved, has a new phone number, has switched insurance plans or is seeing another dentist. All of your recall information and patient feedback are at your fingertips with Platinum Recall reports.

Competitors VS Platinum Recall

Some competitors charge you based on “resolved phone calls” which would include updating patient information, answering questions, etc. Platinum Recall charges based on the number of appointments we schedule and directly increasing the revenue of the practice.

No Contract

Platinum Recall does not lock anyone into a long-term contract. We are confident in the service we provide and don’t want to sacrifice customer service because you are “locked in”. All services are done on a month-to-month basis.

Personal Touch

Calling patients gives a practice the chance to update patient files, build a relationship and improve customer service. These benefits only come with real people making calls. Platinum Recall keeps the practice up-to-date with patients’ lives. Patients love the personal touch from their practice, and we provide that.

12 to 1 Return on Investment

Filling your hygiene schedule will result in thousands of dollars in otherwise undiagnosed treatment, an enormous revenue gain for your practice. Follow-up treatment is at least double the revenue the hygiene will create. Our clients see an average of 12 to 1 return on their investment in our service.

Money-Back Guarantee

Platinum Recall will guarantee to schedule 10-40 appointments per month for your practice. If we do not meet the goal for your practice we will give you your money-back!

A Productive Staff

Your practice will be more productive if the office staff spends their time filing claims, pursuing collections, etc. We encourage you to build your practice a smarter way and use the resources of Platinum Recall. Check out the testimonials page and see some of our success stories.

We will gather information regarding your current methods and develop a solid plan for how to ensure that your patients continue to come back for your exceptional dental services! Prepare to see the incredible effects of our program on reactivating and retaining your patient base. For the best in North America dental recall and dental marketing services, call us today at (800) 900-2012.

Why Choose Us

  • Access Practice Analytics
  • Increase New Patients
  • Retain and Reactivate Patients
  • Cosmetic Lab Services
  • Accurate Financial Statements

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