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Dental Lab Services

Our elite dental lab technicians approach every restoration with an eye of artistry. Highly-translucent restorations with genuine anatomy in every tooth we make. Whether it is highly translucent zirconia, Bruxzir or emax you are loking for, Autumn Dental Arts specializes in all kinds of aesthetic restorations.

Autumn Dental Arts Exhibits the Hgihest Quality of Aesthetic Restorations, including:

  • Zirconia
  • IPS.Emax
  • Implant Restorations
  • PFM/Cast Gold Restorations
  • Removable

Avoid losing your time and money from labs that do not truly understand the art of their business. Connect with Autumn Dental Arts today to ensure you get the most for your money and deliver the beautiful restoration your patient deserves.. Call our office today at (385) 715-4516 to learn more about our dental lab provider!

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  • Access Practice Analytics
  • Increase New Patients
  • Retain and Reactivate Patients
  • Cosmetic Lab Services
  • Accurate Financial Statements

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