The Role of Social Media in Patient Recall

Dental offices around the country are using social media in innovative ways to engage with their communities and remain in minds and hearts of their patients. With contests, giveaways, family portraits, memes, photo filters, cheek mouth lip retractors, gifs, viral trends, and other popular social currents. However your office uses social media currently, there are ways you can optimize your social media use as a patient retention tool.

So, how can you use social media to retain the most valuable part of your practice? Here are 3 ways:

  1. Don’t Use Personal Messages, but Engage Personally with Your Patients. Unless there is a specific reason that makes sense to personally message a patient (we recommend using every available contact message BEFORE resorting to a PM on Facebook or Instagram, in order to keep things professional), you should never personally message a patient on social media. However, there are other professional ways to engage with your patients in a personal way! Replying directly to your patients’ comments or reviews, tagging your patients in your pictures, taking pictures with patients and posting them, and posting information about local events that your patients may participate in are great ways to engage personally with your patients. Again, here is a summary:
  • Take pictures with your patients
  • Post and tag your pictures with/of your patients
  • Reply to your patients’ comments
  • Respond warmly to your patients’ reviews
  • Post information about local events
  • Participate in local events, take pictures (and post them)
  • If any of your patients own or work at local businesses, be sure to visit them and take pictures (and post your pictures!)
  • Invite your patients to like your office’s page (not just with a sign in your office, but with personal invitations.)
  1. Use Facebook Targeted Ads to remind patients of deals, the need for appointments. Popping up in your patients’ news feed (even if your ad says to something besides “Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Cleaning!”) can be effective in planting the idea into your patients’ head that they need to see your office!
  2. Follow your patients. You ask your patients to follow you—have you ever thought to return the favor? Especially on Instagram, following your patients shows them how interested you are in their lives. And, if you follow your patients on Instagram, don’t be afraid to like their posts every once in a while.

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Platinum Recall is the most effective way to reactivate and maintain your current patient list. However, including social media can reinforce your efforts and is a free way to decrease your patient acquisition costs and increase your practice’s bottom line. Call our customer service specialist Ashley for more information about how Platinum Recall can strengthen your practice and deliver a 12-to-1 ROI for you! Call 800.900.2012

Reduce No-Shows, Save Time

Although we are a dental call center, Platinum Recall is 0% automated and 100% authentic. This means that when we schedule an overdue patient, we make sure to avoid any type of phrasing that could lead to a no-show. We cannot guarantee that every patient we schedule will show up, but we can stand behind the12-1 ROI that our partnering dental offices report. This means that for every dollar you pay for dental recall services at Platinum Recall, you can expect to receive 12 more. Pretty sweet, right?

Why would you want to reduce no-shows with Platinum Recall? It’s quite simple–fewer no-shows save you time and money. Fewer no-shows reduce your patient acquisition costs. Fewer no-shows improve your bottom line. Fewer no-shows make you (and your team) more relaxed. Just imagine the repercussions.

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The benefits to having fewer no-shows aren’t news to you, though. So, what are you waiting for? Call Ashley, our incredible customer service rep and patient recall guru, to schedule a free demo today. Find out how much better your office functions on more effective recall and fewer no-shows as a result. You can thank us later.

Platinum Recall is a dental call center that specializes in guaranteeing 10-40 new patient appointments every month for dental offices around the country. We treat our partnering offices like family and align our pay incentives with your office’s succes, which means that we don’t get paid unless you do.

Imagine how much more likely your patients will be to show up for their dental appointment when they are personally hand-dialed on their time by our experienced staff? There’s a reason our partnering offices succeed! Make your office a Platinum Recall partner by calling800.900.2012

3 Tips for Improving Patient Recall

A well-designed patient recall system is hard to beat when it comes to ROI. In fact, most practices are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue at any given moment from overdue hygiene appointments alone–more if you consider other resultant treatment. If you are looking to increase production within your office, developing a robust patient recall system is key. Here are 5 steps to increase the effectiveness of your patient recall system:

1.) Diversify your communication methods: Phone calls, text messages, emails, and direct mail are great ways of contacting your overdue patients, and you should use every single one of them! Varying your message medium is just as important as diversifying an investment portfolio. When you use multiple means of communication you not only ensure that you will reach your patients but it helps them understand how important they are to you. Platinum Recall direct phone calls to your patients on their scheudule is the most important part of your patient recall system.

2.) Make it easy for your patients to act: Whatever marketing mediums you use to contact your patients, make your message clear–“here’s what you need to do and here’s how to do it.” Make your contact information easy to read. If you use Platinum Recall patient recall, we do our part to make scheduling an appointment as easy as saying, “YES!”

3.) Automate, Automate, Automate: Your office is busy–make your patient recall efforts as slick as possible so that you do not lose momentum. A busy day can easily topple a laborious recall system. Platinum Recall takes calling your patients off of your office’s hands, making sure that calls go out every day (including weekends!)

Patient recall is essential to the growth of any dental practice. If you are looking for a dental call center to handle your patient recall, please give us a call at1-800-900-2012 Platinum Recall is a dental call center that works with dentalpractices all around the U.S.

Grow Your Practice Every Month

Can we compare the process of growing a practice to herding cats, or is that too cliche? At any rate, doctors around the world are working hard to grow their practices by doing everything they can to bring in new patients while retaining all of the patients they have already seen. Constantly developing new ways to bring in more patients, many doctors neglect patient retention as an important way to grow a practice month after month.

Why does your practice need to engage in patient retention activities through Platinum Recall in order to ensure your practice’s growth? It’s the only risk-free way to eliminate patient loss and maintain constant growth. In other words, you lose patients every month no matter what, but you don’t have to frantically try to gain more than you lose in order to maintain steady growth–effective patient recall is the solution.

How can we guarantee that our product is risk-free? Well, we designed it that way! You only pay us for the appointments we actually schedule, usually around 10-40 a month depending on the needs of your practice. With no contracts keeping you locked in, your

Not convinced? Our partnering practices report a 12-1 ROI on our services, which is pretty good in any arena. Please talk to Ashley, our client service specialist, with any questions you have about Platinum Recall at 800-900-2012. The question is not whether or not your practice needs patient recall–every practice needs to retain their patients through one means or another. For the most effective, risk-free option, choose Platinum Recall.

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Why You Don’t Need a Patient Coordinator

Many practices choose to take on their own patient recall by hiring a patient coordinator. The patient coordinator’s job is to develop a well-thought-out telephone script, manage a patient base of 500-1000, make a certain number of patient contacts per day, and schedule a certain number of patients every week. Not only does hiring, training, and managing this employee require valuable time and resources, adding another employee can drastically affect your profit margins. Patient coordinators are a great investment for some practices but here’s why a dental call center is better:

1.) Patient Coordinators Require Training: Getting your patient coordinator up to speed takes time, meaning your investment in them will take a while to pay off. Platinum Recall Services pay for themselves within the first month.

2.) Patient Coordinators have to Develop their Own Script: Your patient coordinator will take months if not years to develop his/her script through trial and error. Our competent and passionate staff at Platinum Recall has been developing and perfecting a telephone script over thousands if not millions of phone calls. We know how to diminish the risk of no-shows and manage the professional image of your practice.

3.) Patient Coordinators are Expensive: Whether or not your patient coordinator schedules patients or not, you still have to pay his/her salary. At Platinum Recall, you only pay us for the appointments we actually get on the books. Not only is this a zero-risk investment for your practice, but we only schedule the number of people you want and need every month, usually between 10 and 40 new patient appointments every month.

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If you are looking to boost production without increasing your staff, call Platinum Recall. We optimize your performance every month to diminish risk and improve profitability. Call us at 800.900.2012 to schedule your free demo.

Platinum Recall: Making Patient Recall Great Again

Patient recall is often called the heartbeat of any thriving practice, and with good reason. Practices who do not engage in any patient recall activities drive up their patient acquisition costs and lose thousands of dollars in revenue every year. If your practice does use any type of patient recall whether it be through text, direct mail, or phone calls directly from the receptionist’s desk, you’ve probably seen good results. However, at Platinum Recall we are never satisfied with good results, we work for great results. Here’s how we are making patient recall great again at Platinum Recall:

1.) We Never Over-Charge Our Partnering Practices: At Platinum Recall we only charge a commission based on the appointments we actually schedule. That means your practice will never get over-charged for patient recall services that aren’t delivering.

2.) Absolutely No Contracts: We don’t do contracts because we don’t believe in them, but rather we believe in mutually beneficial relationships. This means that the moment you believe your practice no longer benefits from our patient recall services, just give us a call!

3.) Every Phone Call is Hand-Dialed: We are making patient recall great again by keeping every phone call personal. This means our phone calls to your valued patients are 100% authentic, and 0% autodialed or robotic. We staff our dental call center with local dental hygiene students who are passionate about the dental industry and looking for relevant experience to their chosen field of study.

4.) 10-40 New Appointments Scheduled Every Month, Guaranteed: At Platinum Recall, we remote into your practice management system to record patient appointments in real time on your schedule. We guarantee 10-40 new appointments scheduled every month, based on your preferences and availability.

Platinum Recall is actively working to make patient recall great again. To schedule your free consultation or to talk to Ashley W., our customer service specialist, please contact us at 800-421-6263.

Office Snacks are Optional. Patient Recall is Not.

While searching for a competitive edge, dental offices try everything from free teeth whitening to in-office snacks. One way to accelerate your office’s performance and boost your bottom line every month is through patient recall. Some offices ask their office managers to take on this responsibility, but at Platinum Recall we consider it ourcore competency.

To compete in today’s business world, marketing gimmicks (like office snacks) are optional–patient recall is not. Serious dental practices leverage the growth-inducing power of their own records by simply activating every patient their practice has ever seen. In some cases, this means contacting patients who haven’t been in to the office in up to 5 years. Dental offices reluctant to tap into their reservoir of patient records are missing out on a huge source of revenue just waiting to be seen.

Old School Patient Recall vs. Platinum Recall

Old-School patient recall involves asking your over-burdened office manager to dig deep into patient records and figure out who has not been seen in over 6 months. Platinum Recall works with your system–we remote-in to your CRM software and work with your current system to contact and schedule patients using our 5 tenets of quality.

Platinum Recall can transform your practice by

  • Revitalizing your inactive patients
  • Reducing patient aquisition costs
  • Increasing monthly revenue

Many dental practices have seen dramatic results by using our patient recall and phone answering services. Why does it work? Because we can do it faster, better, and more effectively than any office manager and more competitively than any other dental call center, we take pride in providing a 12x ROI for each and every dental office we partner with.

Platinum Recall Empowers Small and Mid-Size Dental Practices

Whether your office has been in business for 2 months or 20 years, we can strengthen your production levels and improve patient retention. Although today’s environment for a dentist may be the most competitive it’s ever been, we can ensure that every dollar you spend in patient aquisition will not be lost through effective patient retention.

Nov 26, 2015 | Donna | Provo , UT
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

“We have had your service for years. I cannot imagine ever going without it.”

Getting Butts in Operatories: The Power of DIALOGUE

Platinum Recall views every client as a partnership–when we partner with you and your practice, your success is our success! We try our hardest to get butts in operatories, which means we vet every person we contact. What does this mean? Here are 3 rules we live by:Suggested Reading:5 Tenets of Quality

 1.) Never Use Phrases Like “Reserve” or “Hold Your Spot”: Although we want to schedule as many appointments as we can, we never schedule anyone who seems unsure or unlikely to show. Our real goal is to fill your schedule with new or re-activated patients, and a name with a no-show does not cut it by our standards or yours.

 2.) Call Patients on Their Time: Most offices ask patients in their new patient documents what time is best for them and what number is best to contact at them. So, even when your office is closed and your staff gone home, our staff can call any day of the week at any time.

 3.) Avoid Patients Who Owe You Money: Before we call anyone on your patient records, we make sure they have no outstanding charges on their account.

Platinum Recall strengthens practices around the country, charging you only a small percentage of every reactivated patient we actually schedule. We guarantee a certain number of appointments every month, only charging you for the work we actually accomplish on behalf of your practice. Our clients also love that we require absolutely no contract, so your partnership with is is 100% risk-free.

Call us today for a Free Trial! 800-900-2012

Platinum Recall’s 5 Tenets of Quality

At Platinum Recall, we are committed to ensuring quality for our clients–reactivating patients requires a finesse and attention to detail that not many of our competitors understand. For these and other reasons, we live by 5 essential tenets:

1.)Say “NO” to Auto-Dialers: All of our calls are hand dialed, and we do this for several reasons. We believe strongly in calling people when they indicated they are free on your patient records (usually in the evenings) and not spinning out numbers as rapidly as we possibly can. A person has to meet our quality standards before our scheduling professionals give them a ring.

2.)Knowlegdable Staff: We staff our Dental Call Center with local hygiene students–this gives them great experience with the language of their chosen profession and provides you and your patients the ability to speak with knowledgable professionals, seamlessly simulating your own team. We ensure our staff understands perfectly the nature of your patient’s case and can speak fluently about the wide range of possible dental needs before they jump on the phones.

3.)Screening No-Shows: We believe in the power of DIALOGUE, meaning we avoid putting anyone on your schedule who seems less-than-committed to actually meeting your appointment. This means we never use phrases like “reserve your spot” or other dialogue that promotes no-shows or recreates the scenario in which they became an over-due patient in the first place!

4.)Avoiding Patients with Past-Due Balances: We never call patients who owe your office thousands of dollars–this is one of the ways we screen for quality before we dial your esteemed patients.

5.)DIALOGUE, DIALOGUE, DIALOGUE: As we indicated before, we believe strongly in the power of our scripts. We have vetted them over many years and hundreds of thousands of phone calls. Our team knows how to put your patients at ease and make them feel your care and concern for them, and help them understand how to prepare for their appointment and arrive to your office (if they have forgotten how to get there). We also offer bilingual services!

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Platinum Recall is a dental call center that provides patient reactivation services for dental offices around the United States and Canada. For a free consultation or more information, call our office at 800.900.2012

Boosting Your Bottom Line

For many Dentists, providing excellent dental care is enough to take up 100% of their work day. The marketing, team building, payroll, hiring, office management, accounting, and other aspects of running a successful practice become part of a long list of to-do’s for the over-booked doctor. Delegating important tasks to the right people is a fundamental aspect of successful practice management.

At Platinum Recall, we know the monetary value of contacting patients you’ve seen, but perhaps haven’t been back in a while. Getting in contact with the hundreds of people on your practice’s books is certainly something any competent dentist or office manager could take on, but is a task that requires more time and dedication than most dentists and their staff can sacrifice.

Our core competency at Platinum Recall is contacting patients on your records at their convenience (usually during hours of the day when you are not in the office) and scheduling their next appointment with you. We reactivate hundreds of patients for doctors around the U.S. every day, and guarantee that if you don’t get 10-40 appointments through our services every month of service, we will refund your money. With no risk to you, Platinum Recall provides only upside to the dental offices we serve, boosting their bottom line and increasing patient retention rates at dental practices nationwide.

Not convinced? Call our office at 888.902.9110 for a free consultation. Ask any questions, talk with the operators of our dental call center, and find out if Platinum Recall dental patient recall services are right for you and your team. Strengthening productivity in a dental office is not easy, but when you delegate patient recall to the right team you’ll be surprised how simple it is.