Strengthening your Core Competencies

History is strewn with stories of businesses who have simply spread themselves too thin. For some famous examples, consider John Deere’s attempt to take on logistics (do you really think a farm equipment manufacturer was poised to do Fedex better than Fedex?), Harley Davidson’s venture into perfume (amazing motorcycles, but who wants to smell like an amazing motorcycle?), and Colgate’s infamous “Kitchen Entrees” line (their toothbrush and toothpaste game is on point, food marketing and distribution not so much.)

The moral of the story illustrated by each of these examples is this: Focus your businesss on core competencies. Like John Deere, Harley Davidson, and Colgate, your practice has core competencies. You provide excellent care, you serve your patients like family, you do dentistry, and that’s a lot of work! The most profitable dental practices delegate activities that take away from what they are trained to do so that they are free to focus on doing those things like no one else. Like Bruce Sterling said with regards to personal strengths, “Well-rounded people are smooth and dull. Become a spiky person.” Your business’s strengths will “spike” as you are able to focus on their development–becoming “well-rounded” by trying to be good at everything just limits your ability to excel at anything.

At Platinum Recall, our core competency is patient recall. We have our work down to a science, which is why we can guarantee our clients 10-40 new patient appointments or their money back. For the dental practice’s we work with, we take on an aspect of their business that distracts them from focusing on the core of their business: dentistry. Outsourcing core competencies ensures that your business succeeds, and that nothing falls through the cracks. Spreading yourself too thin like John Deere, like Harley Davidson, and like Colgate will ultimately result in inefficient use of resources.

Outsourcing your patient recall activities to Platinum Recall boosts your production by maximizing your patient recall activities and freeing up time and resources within your office so that you can focus on what you and your staff do best. Our clients report a 12-1 ROI on average, which makes your partnership with us a safe investment for your practice.

Ultimately, your practice has the capacity to participte in a finite number of activities during the week. Maximize your production by making those activities the most profitable for you, the ones you are best at. We believe in the power of core competencies at Platinum Recall because we know the magic that can happen when your practice can focus it’s efforts on what it does best.

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