Setting Revenue Goals for Your Dental Practice

Because we work with dental offices around the country at Platinum Recall, we are able to glean industry best practices through observation and research. Our clients come from all areas of the revenue scale–we work with struggling and booming practices and help them move forward regardless of where they begin when they sign up for our services. That being said, one habit that we have seen successful practices put in place is this: Setting an annual revenue goal for the office.

Why Some Practices Shy Away from Annual Revenue Goals

For as much as they agree that having a revenue goal is a great idea, lots of practices don’t commit to a specific annual revenue goal for three common reasons:

1.) They don’t think they have enough control of their office’s performance to reach one.

2.) They don’t want to face the disappointment of failing if they can’t make the goal.

3.) They cannot figure out how to get their whole team to contribute to reaching a specific goal and do not know how to get the entire staff on board.

Why Platinum Recall Makes it Easy to Set and Reach Revenue Goals

Platinum Recall was created by dental industry experts to serve dental practices. We know how to help you reach revenue goals because we do it for dental practices around the country. Whether or not your practice is stuggling, we can help you reach the revenue goals that maybe you never thought you would reach or were too unsure to commit to.

Why does Platinum Recall make reaching revenue goals so much easier? Because we give you greater control over production levels–we fill the holes in your schedule and keep it full every month we work with you. In fact, we guarantee 10-40 new appointments a month or your money back. There’s a reason our clients report an average 12-1 ROI on our services, and that’s because we bring new patients in at a lower patient aquisition cost than dentists are used to spending through promotions, marketing, and referral systems.

Which Platinum Recall Services will Help You Reach your Revenue Goals

At Platinum Recall , our dental call center services will help you fill the holes in your schedule that are costing you money and limiting your revenue potential. Additionally, we offer dental bookkeeping services that will help you keep track of what is contributing or detracting from your bottom line. Our data visualization service, Platinum Stats , will help you pinpoint areas of strength and weakness within your practice, and will help you adapt and make changes that will strategically carry you to where you want to be.

If you have goals that your practice is struggling to meet or if you have no goals because you don’t know how to get your team involved or do not know how to set them, we can help. Call Platinum Recall today at 800.900.2012 to schedule your free demo .

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