Patient Recall: The Heartbeat of Dentistry

Successful dental practices don’t ask themselves “Should we implement patient recall?” but rather, “How do we attack patient recall?” This is because many patients fall off the radar not by choice, but simply by allowing too much time to pass between appointments (often without realizing it), and activating patients requires some kind of patient recall system. Without an effective patient recall system implemented in your dental practice, the health of your practice may be in jeopardy.

The Best Way to Activate Overdue Patients?

Patient recall doesn’t necessarily always involve calling past patients by phone. Some offices use form letters, post cards hand addressed by the patient themselves, emails, and even text messages. However, at Platinum Recall, we believe that live voice calling is the most effective way to get people back in the office after being away for up to 5 years.

Why Patient Recall is Essential

However you decide to keep your active patients active and reactivate the ones you may not have seen in a while, there is no question as to whether or not patient recall is important to the life of your practice. This is true for two reasons: One, patient aquisition costs are high enough that patient recall is just a cheaper way to keep your schedule full. The second reason patient recall is essential to the life of your practice is that whatever community your practice serves, the number of potential clients near you is finite and exhaustible at some point, no matter where you live.

At Platinum Recall, we guarantee 10-40 new appointments for every month of service. We don’t lock you into a contract, so you can cancel at any time. If you don’t believe that live calling for patient recall is the most effective way to reactivate your patients, let us show you the difference.

What Makes a DIfference

No matter what patient recall system you employ in your office, ultimately the performance of your system will only be as strong as the dedication of the person in charge of it. Whoever you assign the task of patient recall, it’s important to the success of the program that the person in charge of patient recall in your office has the time, resources, energy, and training to make it work for your practice. Our staff at Platinum Recall are trained and dedicated to reactivating every patient on record, and for this reason they are not only efficient but effective at reactivating patients over the phone.

Patient recall requires tenacity and dedication. Don’t let your patients think that your office forgot about them! Launching a patient recall system assures your patients that you care, strengthens your practice’s economic performance, and makes patient aquisition that much easier. Platinum Recall is the professional patient recall system that takes this important aspect of running a successful dental practice off your hands.

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