Do I Need a Dental Call Center?

Many dental practices handle phone answering and patient scheduling in-house. This eliminates the cost of outsourcing and can prevent miscommunication or mishandling of sensitive information. However, dental offices that handle their own phone calls are often limited by the schedule of their office, unable to make calls in the evening when most patients are home, and limited in the volume of calls they can make on any given day.

Why Do I Need One?

Dental call centers make contacting your patients easy because they can answer patient calls at any time of day, eliminating voice recorded answering at your office for after-hours calls. Not only that, but dental call centers are trained to handle all patient scheduling and call answering with warmth and professionalism. When it comes to answering calls from your patients or contacting them, dental call centers are efficient and effective.

What to Avoid

However, not all dental call centers are created equal. Dental call centers ought to be HIPAA compliant, able to handle your patients’ sensitive information in the correct way. Not only that, but dental call centers ought not to charge an inordinate amount for appointment scheduling. Additionally, you should avoid dental call centers that charge anything other than a per-minute rate–this ensures that you only pay for the work that actually gets done on your behalf. You want live call answering and regular reporting.

Why Platinum Recall

Platinum Recall was designed by industry experts for dentists. We provide a service that will make you money, making your investment in a dental call center worthwhile. Platinum Recall is HIPAA compliant, we handle patient scheduling, we charge by the minute, we answer office phone calls at all hours of the night and day, and we provide regular reports on our performance.

We commit to never over charge–this means that if our services bring in less than 10 new patient appointments to your office you won’t get charged a thing. Not only that, but we provide our services free of contract.

If you are looking to boost production, lower patient acquisition costs, and fill the random holes in your schedule permanently, call Platinum Recall today at 800.900.2012.

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