Setting Revenue Goals for Your Dental Practice

Because we work with dental offices around the country at Platinum Recall, we are able to glean industry best practices through observation and research. Our clients come from all areas of the revenue scale–we work with struggling and booming practices and help them move forward regardless of where they begin when they sign up for our services. That being said, one habit that we have seen successful practices put in place is this: Setting an annual revenue goal for the office.

Why Some Practices Shy Away from Annual Revenue Goals

For as much as they agree that having a revenue goal is a great idea, lots of practices don’t commit to a specific annual revenue goal for three common reasons:

1.) They don’t think they have enough control of their office’s performance to reach one.

2.) They don’t want to face the disappointment of failing if they can’t make the goal.

3.) They cannot figure out how to get their whole team to contribute to reaching a specific goal and do not know how to get the entire staff on board.

Why Platinum Recall Makes it Easy to Set and Reach Revenue Goals

Platinum Recall was created by dental industry experts to serve dental practices. We know how to help you reach revenue goals because we do it for dental practices around the country. Whether or not your practice is stuggling, we can help you reach the revenue goals that maybe you never thought you would reach or were too unsure to commit to.

Why does Platinum Recall make reaching revenue goals so much easier? Because we give you greater control over production levels–we fill the holes in your schedule and keep it full every month we work with you. In fact, we guarantee 10-40 new appointments a month or your money back. There’s a reason our clients report an average 12-1 ROI on our services, and that’s because we bring new patients in at a lower patient aquisition cost than dentists are used to spending through promotions, marketing, and referral systems.

Which Platinum Recall Services will Help You Reach your Revenue Goals

AtPlatinum Recall, our dental call center services will help you fill the holes in your schedule that are costing you money and limiting your revenue potential. Additionally, we offerdental bookkeeping services that will help you keep track of what is contributing or detracting from your bottom line. Our data visualization service,Platinum Stats, will help you pinpoint areas of strength and weakness within your practice, and will help you adapt and make changes that will strategically carry you to where you want to be.

If you have goals that your practice is struggling to meet or if you have no goals because you don’t know how to get your team involved or do not know how to set them, we can help. Call Platinum Recall today at 800.900.2012 to schedule yourfree demo.

Do I Need a Dental Call Center?

Many dental practices handle phone answering and patient scheduling in-house. This eliminates the cost of outsourcing and can prevent miscommunication or mishandling of sensitive information. However, dental offices that handle their own phone calls are often limited by the schedule of their office, unable to make calls in the evening when most patients are home, and limited in the volume of calls they can make on any given day.

Why Do I Need One?

Dental call centers make contacting your patients easy because they can answer patient calls at any time of day, eliminating voice recorded answering at your office for after-hours calls. Not only that, but dental call centers are trained to handle all patient scheduling and call answering with warmth and professionalism. When it comes to answering calls from your patients or contacting them, dental call centers are efficient and effective.

What to Avoid

However, not all dental call centers are created equal. Dental call centers ought to be HIPAA compliant, able to handle your patients’ sensitive information in the correct way. Not only that, but dental call centers ought not to charge an inordinate amount for appointment scheduling. Additionally, you should avoid dental call centers that charge anything other than a per-minute rate–this ensures that you only pay for the work that actually gets done on your behalf. You want live call answering and regular reporting.

Why Platinum Recall

Platinum Recall was designed by industry experts for dentists. We provide a service that will make you money, making your investment in a dental call center worthwhile. Platinum Recall is HIPAA compliant, we handle patient scheduling, we charge by the minute, we answer office phone calls at all hours of the night and day, and we provide regular reports on our performance.

We commit to never over charge–this means that if our services bring in less than 10 new patient appointments to your office you won’t get charged a thing. Not only that, but we provide our services free of contract.

If you are looking to boost production, lower patient acquisition costs, and fill the random holes in your schedule permanently, call Platinum Recall today at 800.900.2012.

Platinum. Dental Lab: Solving the Dental Practice/ Dental Lab Dilemma

The dental practice/dental lab relationship is a funny one. Very few companies out there have the ability to see both sides of this fence. Since I started offering services in the dental industry to dental practices and went on to acquire dental offices I see both sides of this dilemma. Let me explain. The dental office is a busy place. There is a lot going on and the team in the dental office shouldn’t have much time to spend on things that are not aimed at providing the best quality dentistry and the best customer service for the patient. With that said, it becomes very easy for the office to blame third party companies for problems that arise in the practice. I know this because I’ve seen my own team in the dental offices do this from time to time. For example, if a patient doesn’t show up for an appointment but the patient was confirmed via a text messaging service, it is easy to come to the conclusion that text messaging services don’t work. I see people jump to this conclusion all of the time. Although this is irrational to think, we are all guilty of this assumptive approach to management at times.

The relationship with a dental lab is very similar. When I acquired my first few dental offices I heard from many of the doctors how terrible certain labs were and how great other labs were. Over time I would see these same doctors who praised a certain lab begin to send their lab work elsewhere. I couldn’t figure this out. I thought, “Well if the lab work is so great, why are we sending elsewhere”. After further discussion with these doctors I came to find out the quality of the dental lab work was inconsistent. As I thought about this process I realized that if the lab could give inconsistent work, maybe we could be sending inconsistent quality of impressions to the lab. It wasn’t until I jumped into the dental lab business that I realized this was true. My dental offices didn’t like the inconsistency of the quality of work from a dental lab but we were sending inconsistent quality of impressions. This is something the practice should consider as part of the issue when seating crowns.

Now for a look at the other side of the fence. I have walked through many dental labs and met with many dental lab owners. Every lab wants to get more new clients sending them work consistently. I found that when we would funnel a majority of our work to one dental lab we would see a decline in the quality. I figured this was a labor problem; that the lab struggled handling the influx in work. This turned out to be true. Even with consistent quality of impressions from a practice, if the lab does not have the labor force to handle the influx of work, the quality tends to go down until the lab can ramp up their team of technicians. Understanding this dilemma can help labs and practices look at what each of them can do to improve the quality of the dental lab product.

Vince Dilley- CEO Platinum Recall

Patient Recall: The Heartbeat of Dentistry

Successful dental practices don’t ask themselves “Should we implement patient recall?” but rather, “How do we attack patient recall?” This is because many patients fall off the radar not by choice, but simply by allowing too much time to pass between appointments (often without realizing it), and activating patients requires some kind of patient recall system. Without an effective patient recall system implemented in your dental practice, the health of your practice may be in jeopardy.

The Best Way to Activate Overdue Patients?

Patient recall doesn’t necessarily always involve calling past patients by phone. Some offices use form letters, post cards hand addressed by the patient themselves, emails, and even text messages. However, at Platinum Recall, we believe that live voice calling is the most effective way to get people back in the office after being away for up to 5 years.

Why Patient Recall is Essential

However you decide to keep your active patients active and reactivate the ones you may not have seen in a while, there is no question as to whether or not patient recall is important to the life of your practice. This is true for two reasons: One, patient aquisition costs are high enough that patient recall is just a cheaper way to keep your schedule full. The second reason patient recall is essential to the life of your practice is that whatever community your practice serves, the number of potential clients near you is finite and exhaustible at some point, no matter where you live.

At Platinum Recall, we guarantee 10-40 new appointments for every month of service. We don’t lock you into a contract, so you can cancel at any time. If you don’t believe that live calling for patient recall is the most effective way to reactivate your patients, let us show you the difference.

What Makes a DIfference

No matter what patient recall system you employ in your office, ultimately the performance of your system will only be as strong as the dedication of the person in charge of it. Whoever you assign the task of patient recall, it’s important to the success of the program that the person in charge of patient recall in your office has the time, resources, energy, and training to make it work for your practice. Our staff at Platinum Recall are trained and dedicated to reactivating every patient on record, and for this reason they are not only efficient but effective at reactivating patients over the phone.

Patient recall requires tenacity and dedication. Don’t let your patients think that your office forgot about them! Launching a patient recall system assures your patients that you care, strengthens your practice’s economic performance, and makes patient aquisition that much easier. Platinum Recall is the professional patient recall system that takes this important aspect of running a successful dental practice off your hands.