Platinum Stats: Reporting Metrics that Matter Most

One of the most exciting and effective ways to watch your practice grow and pinpoint areas of improvement is through data analytics. Seeing metrics in real time that reflect the state of your practice strengthens your sense of purpose and gives direction to your efforts. However, some dentists get overwhelmed with an overload of data, finding it difficult to sift through and interpret.

Results-Focused Dashboards

Platinum Stats dashboards make it easy to clearly communicate the impact of your daily efforts in the office, revealing patterns and areas of strength that are easy to understand and dissect.

The beauty of Platinum Stats is that it delves into metrics that matter to dentists–it’s a product designed specifically for dentists by industry leaders. Our results-focused approach gives you a context for the information, revealing how every marketing campaign, every appointment, every in-office initiative affects your bottom line.

Each Platinum Stats dashboard will leave you understanding which company objectives you are impacting, if you increased revenue, and what return-on-investment looks like.

4 Platinum Stats Dashboards that Strenghen Dental Practices

Maybe you don’t want to dive into every reportable metric, but Platinum Stats focuses on feeding you the metrics you want to see. Here are some popular dashboards included in our product:

1.) Marketing-Originated Customer Revenue: Ever wonder how much money you are actually making from your marketing efforts? Dentists spend a lot of money on mailers, email lists, text reminders, radio ads, search engine optimization, and many other campaigns. This is a popular Platinum Stats dashboard because it helps dental offices pinpoint where their revenue is coming from and the impact of their marketing efforts.

2.) Conversion Rate by Channel: Rather than reporting how many “likes” your office’s facebook page got this week, we report how many actual appointments were booked as a result of those likes, pokes, retweets, comments, etc.

3.) Cost Per Lead: After all is said and done, wouldn’t it be nice to know how much it costs to get a new patient in the chair? This dashboard reveals how much patient aquisition really costs.

4.) Return on Investment: This metric can be specified to pinpoint the ROI of the new cerec machine you bought, the consultant you hired, the marketing campaign you tried, or the new office manager you hired. Dentists love this dashboard because it’s easy to understand and helps align future goals.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, you choose the reports you view through Platinum Stats, aligning them with your business goals and objectives and drilling down on any campaigns that are particularly important to your marketing strategy

Expanding Your Vision

Platinum Stats dashboards are clear and beautiful, ridiculously simple to use, and designed specifically for non-analysts. Their purpose is to help you expand your vision–how much does it really cost to run your business, where can you eliminate costs, and what investments have made the most impact on your company’s growth.

At Platinum Recall, our passion is taking dental practices from good to great. Platinum Stats is the tool we use to strengthen an office’s ability to guage their own progress and track the course for future growth.

Platinum Recall is a patient retention and reactivation service that offers dental accounting and bookkeeping , a full-service dental laboratory , a 24/7 dental call center, and Platinum Stats, a state of the art digital tool that reflects the progress and state of your practice daily, revealing the effectiveness of your business operations. At Platinum Recall, our goal is to help you reach your goals as a dentist, by making the business aspect of your practice easier. Call today (800) 900-2012 to learn more or sign up here for a free demo.

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