Addressing 2 Industry Challenges in 2016

Although every practice is different, most practices share similar struggles, especially considering the common industry in a national economy. Dental Economics magazine polled dental practices all over the United States, revealing that two thirds of practices polled share two issues. Here are some insights as to what you can do if you find your practice facing these same issues.

34% of responding dentists reported that their biggest struggle was production while 32% reported that their biggest struggle was systems (the remaining dentists reported marketing and getting along with their team as their biggest struggles, 17% and 11%, respectively).


The interesting about these results is that your production is very much a product of the efficacy of your systems, and your systems depend on production to prove their functionality and create efficiencies. Increasing your production depends on updating and maximizing the capabilities of your systems. Without an effective system, your production can increase but not without greater stress, turnover, and smaller margins.


Platinum Recall Specializes in boosting both production and improving the processes in your office. Our dental management systems will take control of the processes in your office from accounting to scheduling, bringing your office to a level that will facilitate greater and more profitable production. Our patient reactivation process through live appointment scheduling will boost your production every month, guaranteed to create 10-40 new appointments every month or your money back.

Understanding the systems that make your practice run will make a big difference in the profitability of your practice. Today’s economy demands greater understanding of the business side of dentistry, and old systems might be hindering your growth. 3-5 years is the normal life span of a good system, and yours may be past its prime.

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Conclusion? Increasing or managing your current production and maintaining efficient systems within your practice will continue to present a challenge to dentists. The sooner you address the issues plaguing your practice, the better. Give Platinum Recall a call today for your free demo . Before you start asking, “How do I sell my practice?” start addressing the two biggest issues facing practices today and you will be ahead of the game.

Platinum Recall is a patient retention and reactivation service that offers dental accounting and bookkeeping , a full-service dental laboratory , a 24/7 dental call center, and Platinum Stats, a state of the art digital tool that reflects the progress and state of your practice daily, revealing the effectiveness of your business operations. At Platinum Recall, our goal is to help you reach your goals as a dentist, by making the business aspect of your practice easier. Call today (800) 900-2012 to learn more or sign up here for a free demo.

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