Attracting, Converting, and Monetizing the Right Clientele

When it comes to running a successful dental practice, the best dental student is not always the best businessman. In fact, when it comes to running a successful dental practice, “winning” in this arena requires expertise in attraction, conversion, and monetization. Your ability to bothapply the best tactics within each of these three principles andinnovate new ways to attract, convert, and monetize will determine your success.

Attract: The First Principle of Running a Successful Practice

dilleydentalcoaching utahWhether you offer the best dentistry in the world or not, your business is nothing without clients. If you don’t have customers that need your product and are willing to spend money, your practice will sink.

So, how do practices today attract customers? Promotions, advertising, public relations programs, incentives, referrals, call centers, sales forces, search engine optimization, direct mail, social media, and events or programs… to name just a few. Your job (or the job of your staff or dental coach) is to research how other successful dental practices have used these techniques and others to attract the right clients to their front door. Not only that, but the success of your practice also relies on your ability to innovate new ways of attracting clients.

Where do you start? At Platinum Recall, we strengthen a practice’s ability to attract new customers through ourlive call answering service, which assures that no new lead falls through the cracks. Additionally, we offerMonthly Reports that help you identify the best marketing channels for your practice and where you can improve the patient experience.

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Convert: Creating a Clientele

Conversion is the process of moving a potential customer from casual observer to client. Conversion takes place on many venues: your website, displays in your office, sales calls, or professional consultation.

Something you need to understand is that the conversion process for dentistry is different depending on the business model you operate. For most practices operating under a traditional model, conversion takes place over the phone or in the office. However, creativity can replace conventionality with new approaches to this business basic. Web-based sales, phone or email lists, referrals, online reviews, testimonials, and other relatively “new” conversion techniques have proven extremely effective in the dental industry since their application.

Be creative! And don’t forget that if you don’t have time to dedicate to developing your own best conversion process, that’s what a dental consultant or coach is for.

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drawing business growthMonetize: Where It All Comes Together

You monetize a client or patient when you increase the value provided by that client. This is done in several ways. Examples of this found in dentistry include offices who invite their patients to set appointments for their spouse or children, those who use Groupon deals to encourage patients to buy more of a product or service, include deals for whitening or “bundle” deals, or offer a second product or service at a discount, and many others. A famous example of monetization is McDonald’s invitation to “super size” their products, increasing the value of each client that accepts.

At Platinum Recall, an important way we help you monetize your patients is throughpatient recall. Calling is the best way to reactivate overdue patients, and using our practice management software we engage patients who you may not have seen in up to 5 years!

Monetization within dentistry is different than in any other industry. This is because “upselling” a patient rarely involves enticing the person to buy more of anything, rather inviting them to commit to the more expensive yet more aesthetic, durable, or beneficial solution over others. Most people would choose to have their tooth pulled over anything else if it weren’t for the dentists who know how to teach the benefits of an implant, bridge, root canal, etc. Because “upselling” within dentistry requires the ability to educate, inspire trust, and motivate patients, learning to sell dentistry is one of the most important ways to run a successful practice. In simple terms, improve your chair side communication and watch your profits soar.

Platinum Recall: The Best Way to Attract, Convert, and Monetize

Attracting, converting, and monetizing the right clientele is the bread and butter of a successful business strategy. At Platinum Recall, our services help you do all three! Please call us today at 800.900.2012 to schedule your free consultation and demo. See your profits soar this year.

Platinum Stats: Reporting Metrics that Matter Most

One of the most exciting and effective ways to watch your practice grow and pinpoint areas of improvement is through data analytics. Seeing metrics in real time that reflect the state of your practice strengthens your sense of purpose and gives direction to your efforts. However, some dentists get overwhelmed with an overload of data, finding it difficult to sift through and interpret.

Results-Focused Dashboards

Platinum Stats dashboards make it easy to clearly communicate the impact of your daily efforts in the office, revealing patterns and areas of strength that are easy to understand and dissect.

The beauty of Platinum Stats is that it delves into metrics that matter to dentists–it’s a product designed specifically for dentists by industry leaders. Our results-focused approach gives you a context for the information, revealing how every marketing campaign, every appointment, every in-office initiative affects your bottom line.

Each Platinum Stats dashboard will leave you understanding which company objectives you are impacting, if you increased revenue, and what return-on-investment looks like.

4 Platinum Stats Dashboards that Strenghen Dental Practices

Maybe you don’t want to dive into every reportable metric, but Platinum Stats focuses on feeding you the metrics you want to see. Here are some popular dashboards included in our product:

1.)Marketing-Originated Customer Revenue: Ever wonder how much money you are actually making from your marketing efforts? Dentists spend a lot of money on mailers, email lists, text reminders, radio ads, search engine optimization, and many other campaigns. This is a popular Platinum Stats dashboard because it helps dental offices pinpoint where their revenue is coming from and the impact of their marketing efforts.

2.)Conversion Rate by Channel: Rather than reporting how many “likes” your office’s facebook page got this week, we report how many actual appointments were booked as a result of those likes, pokes, retweets, comments, etc.

3.)Cost Per Lead: After all is said and done, wouldn’t it be nice to know how much it costs to get a new patient in the chair? This dashboard reveals how much patient aquisition really costs.

4.)Return on Investment: This metric can be specified to pinpoint the ROI of the new cerec machine you bought, the consultant you hired, the marketing campaign you tried, or the new office manager you hired. Dentists love this dashboard because it’s easy to understand and helps align future goals.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, you choose the reports you view through Platinum Stats, aligning them with your business goals and objectives and drilling down on any campaigns that are particularly important to your marketing strategy

Expanding Your Vision

Platinum Stats dashboards are clear and beautiful, ridiculously simple to use, and designed specifically for non-analysts. Their purpose is to help you expand your vision–how much does it really cost to run your business, where can you eliminate costs, and what investments have made the most impact on your company’s growth.

At Platinum Recall, our passion is taking dental practices from good to great. Platinum Stats is the tool we use to strengthen an office’s ability to guage their own progress and track the course for future growth.

Platinum Recall is a patient retention and reactivation service that offersdental accounting and bookkeeping, afull-service dental laboratory, a24/7 dental call center, andPlatinum Stats, a state of the art digital tool that reflects the progress and state of your practice daily, revealing the effectiveness of your business operations. At Platinum Recall, our goal is to help you reach your goals as a dentist, by making the business aspect of your practice easier. Call today (800) 900-2012 to learn more or sign uphere for a free demo.

Why Platinum Recall Clients Make More Money

Dental practices in 2016 face a lot of the same challenges. For example, many dentists find themselves asking, “How do I produce more without investing in more staff, assets, or working longer hours?” or, “How do I increase case acceptance?” or, “How do I attract and retain more patients?” and other similar questions.

However pervasive these common struggles, the good news is that whether you relate to these challenges or are facing others, the services we offer at Platinum Recall will help you find the solutions right for your staff and your practice. This is because we believe that while many practices face common struggles, the solution may not always be “one size fits all”.

How Platinum Recall Adapts to Your Practice’s Needs

Dental practices that may share many commnalities are as unique as the dentists behind them. Many factors, both within and without, can be affecting production–the demographics that make up the community you serve, the location of your building, your staff reimbursement strategy (to name a few.) This is why our staff adapts the principles of successful dental practices to the unique needs and circumstance of your practice. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can trust that our guarantee of “10-40 new patients a month or your money back” reflects our excellent track record.

The services we offer are designed to address these challenges common to most dental practices. If you relate to any of these questions, give our office a call at 800.900.2012…

How do I boost production without investing in more staff, assets, or working longer hours?

Platinum Recall offers consulting services to our patients to help address the heart of this problem: Are your efforts to boost production being thwarted by a lack of capacity (which is rarely the case), a lack of new patient appointments, a lack of cohesiveness in the office, wasted time on unnecessary tasks… the list of possibilities are endless. This is why, for most dentists, the roadblock to their success is sometimes imperceptible, because it takes the experience and expertise of a dental coach to identify the root cause of the problem. Whatever your situation, however, we guarantee thatour staff can strengthen your production within the first month of contracted service.

How do I increase case acceptance?

Platinum Stats is a software we offer to dental practices designed to help you visualize the progress of your practice. One of the statistics that you will see every day is Case Acceptance, and you can see how well your practice is doing. If the rate is really low, our staff of dental coaches can help you identify and practice better techniques to sell more dentistry. Often communication, patient education, and opening a real conversation with the patient about their concerns is the key.

How do I attract and retain more patients?

Platinum Recall, our dental call center or dental phone answering service, is a service that calls every patient you have ever seen and schedules appointments with those who have not been into the office in the past 6 months. We promise to schedule 10-40 new appointments a month or your money back.

Platinum Recall is designed to take your practice from average production levels to the highest echelons of the industry. Many of those we serve wonder, “How do I sell my dental practice?” not knowing that many of the struggles of a dental practice are common across the industry. Whatever the state of your practice, we have seen our clients grow despite years of stagnation, and we want to make it happen for your practice, too. Please schedule yourfree demo today or give us a call at 800.900.2012 for a consultation.

Addressing 2 Industry Challenges in 2016

Although every practice is different, most practices share similar struggles, especially considering the common industry in a national economy. Dental Economics magazine polled dental practices all over the United States, revealing that two thirds of practices polled share two issues. Here are some insights as to what you can do if you find your practice facing these same issues.

34% of responding dentists reported that their biggest struggle was production while 32% reported that their biggest struggle was systems (the remaining dentists reported marketing and getting along with their team as their biggest struggles, 17% and 11%, respectively).


The interesting about these results is that your production is very much a product of the efficacy of your systems, and your systems depend on production to prove their functionality and create efficiencies. Increasing your production depends on updating and maximizing the capabilities of your systems. Without an effective system, your production can increase but not without greater stress, turnover, and smaller margins.


Platinum Recall Specializes in boosting both production and improving the processes in your office. Our dental management systems will take control of the processes in your office from accounting to scheduling, bringing your office to a level that will facilitate greater and more profitable production. Our patient reactivation process through live appointment scheduling will boost your production every month, guaranteed to create 10-40 new appointments every month or your money back.

Understanding the systems that make your practice run will make a big difference in the profitability of your practice. Today’s economy demands greater understanding of the business side of dentistry, and old systems might be hindering your growth. 3-5 years is the normal life span of a good system, and yours may be past its prime.

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Conclusion? Increasing or managing your current production and maintaining efficient systems within your practice will continue to present a challenge to dentists. The sooner you address the issues plaguing your practice, the better. Give Platinum Recall a call today for yourfree demo. Before you start asking, “How do I sell my practice?” start addressing the two biggest issues facing practices today and you will be ahead of the game.

Platinum Recall is a patient retention and reactivation service that offersdental accounting and bookkeeping, afull-service dental laboratory, a24/7 dental call center, andPlatinum Stats, a state of the art digital tool that reflects the progress and state of your practice daily, revealing the effectiveness of your business operations. At Platinum Recall, our goal is to help you reach your goals as a dentist, by making the business aspect of your practice easier. Call today (800) 900-2012 to learn more or sign uphere for a free demo.

Why Dental Recall Services Work

Platinum Recall’s name comes from our signature service, our dental recall service Platinum Recall. If you don’t know how it works, you may be missing out. If not for the guarantee of 10-40 new patients a month or your money back, Platinum Recall is a service most practice’s who sign up for it cannot live without, and here’s why:

1.) Hundreds of patients fall through the cracks every year. Patients often neglect to schedule or attend appointments long after 6 months have passed since their last cleaning, simply needing a friendly reminder to rechedule them.

2.) Many services offer patient reactivation, but Platinum Recall uses a trained, living, American voice to contact your patients. Emails, text messages, and snail mail often fails to reach patients, and has an even smaller chance of scheduling an appointment. Our dental call center, however, reaches your patients in an effective way to get them on your schedule. And, if we didn’t mention it before, we guarantee 10-40 new appointments a month or your money back.

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3.) Platinum Recall maximizes your marketing power. Platinum Recall patient reactivation is designed to enhance your marketing activities, not replace them. We consider our 24/7 live call answering and patient contacting/scheduling as a way to add a personal touch to the way you reach your intended audience. Boost your production by directly reaching those patients who have already been treated at your office, and continue your efforts to attract new patients through mailers, emails, social media, and other marketing platforms.

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Platinum Recall offerspatient reactivation services,dental accounting and dental bookkeeping services,dental practice performance tracking services, anddental laboratory services. Call us today at 800.900.2012 or clickhere for your free trial.