How Do I Boost Production?

A lot of dentists are facing the same challenges: “How do I boost production without investing in more staff, assets, or working longer hours?” or, “How do I increase case acceptance?” or, “How do I attract and retain more patients?” and others. We know that many dental practices face these same problems because we talk to new doctors every day with them! The good news is, however, that whether you relate to these challenges or are facing others, our staff at Platinum Recall will help you find the solutions right for your staff and your practice.

Not every community or dental practice is the same, which is why our staff adapts the principles of successful practices to the unique needs and circumstance of your practice. The good news is this: our services will boost your production within the first month or your money back.

The services we offer are designed to address these challenges common to most dental practices. For example…

How do I boost production without investing in more staff, assets, or working longer hours? Platinum Recall offers consulting services to our patients to help address the heart of this problem: Are your efforts to boost production being thwarted by a lack of capacity (which is rarely the case), a lack of new patient appointments, a lack of cohesiveness in the office, wasted time on unnecessary tasks… the list of possibilities are endless. This is why, for most dentists, the roadblock to their success is sometimes imperceptible, because it takes the experience and expertise of a dental coach to identify the root cause of the problem. Whatever your situation, however, we guarantee that our staff can strengthen your production within the first month of contracted service.

How do I increase case acceptance? Platinum Stats is a software we offer to dental practices designed to help you visualize the progress of your practice. One of the statistics that you will see every day is Case Acceptance, and you can see how well your practice is doing. If the rate is really low, our staff of dental coaches can help you identify and practice better techniques to sell more dentistry. Often communication, patient education, and opening a real conversation with the patient about their concerns is the key.

How do I attract and retain more patients? Platinum Recall , our dental call center or dental phone answering service, is a service that calls every patient you have ever seen and schedules appointments with those who have not been into the office in the past 6 months. We promise to schedule 10-40 new appointments a month or your money back.

Platinum Recall is designed to take your practice from average production levels to the highest echelons of the industry. Many of those we serve wonder, “How do I sell my dental practice?” not knowing that many of the struggles of a dental practice are common across the industry. Whatever the state of your practice, we have seen our clients grow despite years of stagnation, and we want to make it happen for your practice, too. Please schedule your free demo today or give us a call at 800.900.2012 for a consultation.

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