Dental Accounting Services: Watch Your Profit Soar

Dental practices experience more fraud in their bookkeeping than perhaps companies in any other industry. The reality is, the dentist has enough going on to keep the practice running, and ensuring that their office staff are abiding by GAAP standards is just one more business “to-do”.

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Platinum Recall specializes in dental accounting. We take this function off of your hands and guarantee that you won’t have to worry about it. Next time you see a dental office specialist on the news for embezzeling thousands of dollars, you can rest assured that that won’t happen to you.

Our dental bookeeping team provides expert services to practices throughout the continental U.S. Not only do we help practices avoid common pitfalls such as misreading financial reports, minimizing the importance of a standard chart of account, recording transactions incorrectly, and misunderstanding the relationship between profits and cash flow, but we also

  • Provide you with timely financial statements
  • Coach your team on managing costs and maximizing profit
  • Educate on avoiding common accounting mistakes

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Optimize your practice at its core by implementing effective dental bookkeeping practices. From there, watch your profit soar! We can coach and guide you on how to negotiate better rates with suppliers and shore up unnecessary expenses. When you need our dental recall and dental marketing services, give us a call at (800) 900-2012.

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