Cancellation Policy

When a patient schedules an appointment in a dental office, the office sets aside a part of it’s day to attend to the patient. During this time, the office is expected to make a certain profit depending on what procedures are being done for the patient. When a patient cancels, it leaves the office with a gap in their day where they are no longer going to be making a profit. In order to prevent this from occurring, it’s important for the office to have a cancellation policy.

Cancellation policies will vary from office to office but the purpose of a cancellation policy is to prevent last-minute cancellations that don’t allow time for the office to fill a hole in their schedule. A simple and common cancellation policy is requiring 48 hours notice if the patient will be missing an appointment otherwise the patient will be charged a $50 missed appointment fee. With a cancellation policy such a this, the office is given two days to try and fill the open appointment time.

It’s important to notify the patient of the policy when they schedule the appointment. This way the patient understands what is required of them. It’s equally as important to hold them accountable for the missed appointment fee if they do cancel with less notice than is required. Doing so will prevent any future missed appointments and/or abuse of our cancellation policy. There are extenuating circumstances that merit a one time waiver of the fee. Don’t get caught in the trap of never enforcing your cancellation policy or you will train your patients to be unreliable.

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