Optimizing your Staff

Guest Post from dilleydental.com

Many dentists wonder about if they have the right number of people helping them run the business. The average dental practice needs a hygienist, an assistant and an office manager at the minimum, and most offices hire more to accommodate for production levels. However, if you have too many staff you may be losing too much of your revenue in labor costs.

My objective is to boost your profitability. Somewhere between just right and one too many is where you are gaining or losing optimal profitability, and where I can help. My staff training service can identify which number of hygienists, assistants, office managers, and other staff are necessary for running your operation at its optimal performance.

One key determinant for optimizing your staffing is identifying your goals. If your goal is to make most of your money through cleanings, then you will need more hygienists. In fact, you could have a practice full of hygienists, limited only by the capacity of the building. However, most dentists find more satisfaction and profitability in providing higher levels of restorative dentistry (implants, dentures, Invisalign, etc.). In this case you need fewer hygienists and maybe an additional assistant. Whatever your brand and your goals, we can help you optimize the number and mix of staff you employ.

Another consideration when making staffing decisions is the personality and attitude of your staff. From my perspective, especially when conducting staff trainings, the willingness to learn and sense of teamwork that each individual staff member possesses comes forth loud and clear. I can see (and you will too) who is going to help you succeed and who will weigh your practice down.

If your staff are unwilling to get on board with the direction and speed your practice is going, they might need to get off at the next stop. Uncooperative staff members are the last thing you need to make your practice succeed. In the end, a non-compliant staff member can be a huge expense because they fight progress towards your goals, require more time and energy to accommodate, slow down production, and may even drive away patients or other staff.

In the end, there is no golden rule. There are golden ratios, which I can share with you when I get to know your practice. The percentage of income you spend on labor should match this ratio and if it doesn’t, we will suggest you make some changes. However, none of our suggestions are mandatory, simply best practice for optimal performance.

If you want your practice to overcome the status quo and produce at higher levels than ever before, make the right staffing decisions. My dental management service, Platinum Recall, provides staff training service, which is one of our most effective ways to help your practice strengthen performance. Our clients experience greater success or their money back, which makes Platinum Recall a low-risk, high-reward investment.

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