How to Get More Google Reviews

As discussed in a previous article about the importance of getting Google reviews, the question is, “How do we get more of them??”

In BightLocal’s survey, they found that reviews over a month old were irrelevant. This means that your practice needs new reviews as often as possible. Here are some tips for getting more Google reviews:

  • Ask for a Google review after every appointment. You see new people every day (or at least who you haven’t seen in 6 months). If you don’t ask, how will they know to do it? Solicit new reviews through various communication channels. Ask verbally when the patient leaves, put up a sign in your waiting area, invite in your emails, and put a link to review you on your Facebook/Website/etc.
  • Don’t just ask, make it easy . A dental practice in Murray really succeeding at this (who used this trick to get 19 new reviews in February) automatically sends a link by text message or email to their patients that takes them to a review page when they leave the office. This makes reviewing their experience easy because it is fresh in their mind and shortens the number of steps required to finish (just follow the link!). Simplify the process and you will get more reviews.

  • Offer incentives for writing reviews. While you should NOT offer incentives for good reviews, you should offer incentives for reviews . And tell all of your patients that if they review your practice online (yelp, Google, etc.) their name will be entered into a drawing to win a prize, REGARDLESS of the content of the review. Be true to your word (and make sure you post about it).
  • Print copies of and post the good reviews in your breakroom. Highlight the best comments! This will help boost morale and the desire to solicit more reviews. Not only will the glowing reviews remind your staff how good it feels to get great reviews, but when they see the same review posted every day, they will be reminded to solicit new ones.

Getting Google reviews is important (just read this article to understand why) and requires creativity. Please share your ideas for soliciting more Google/Yelp reviews below.

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