Attracting New Patients to Your Practice: Shock and Awe

Trying to attract new patients? (and the right ones?) Try the “Shock and Awe” approach . (Click that link for additional ideas on how to use the “Shock and Awe” to build your practice).

“Shock and Awe” was originally a military doctrine, used to overwhelm and paralyze the enemy with spectacular displays of power (explosives, fire, more explosives, etc.). As a marketing tactic, the shock and awe technique is used to impact your audience (and paralyze the competition) by targeting the right people and inspiring customer loyalty.

Rather than using your shock and awe resources on everyone with a pulse in a 2-mile radius, you will use these techniques on a small number of promising candidates in order to prepare them for their next appointment with you. For example, anyone who has expressed interest in a full mouth rehab, veneers, implants, or any other “big case” that you want to move towards case acceptance.

How can Dentists Use Shock and Awe?

As explained earlier, your best display of “shock and awe” needs to be targeted towards promising candidates. Decide what that means for your office! Are you looking for promising Implant candidates? Maybe you are looking for families? However you want to build your patient base, use “shock and awe” to win hearts in your community and build your patient base.

What to Include in Your Shock and Awe

It doesn’t really matter whatever branded freebies you decide to include in your shock and awe package as long as you stick to these principles:

  1. Whatever you send, it has to be of some VALUE (a mug, a picture frame, a jacket, a laptop case, an umbrella…but stay away from just pens or chapstick or anything cliché or kitsch-y, because that won’t shock or awe anyone)
  2. In addition to gifts, you have to include things that add to your legitimacy as a medical practitioner. This means make including some publications, maybe a hand-written note on nice letterhead from your office, published patient testimonials, reports, pictures of past cases, etc. Whoever receives this package needs to have no question as to your expertise or the quality of your work
  3. Make your message clear. Are you thanking them? Are you soliciting referrals? Are you inviting them back? Are you letting them know you look forward to seeing them? Whatever the purpose behind sending a shock and awe, make sure the recipient understands why they are randomly getting gifts from you. In some cases, maybe the motive is obvious and requires no explanation. However, it may be better to play safe than sorry and just include a personal note in every shock and awe.

Shock and Awe Tactics

  • Pre-Appointment Prep: Maybe you hosted a free informational event where people could learn about dental implants, and some of the attendees signed up for a free consultation with you, leaving their contact information. Before the consultation, you send your “shock and awe” package. What does this do? Just by opening the package, the potential client feels that you value their business. Not only that, but by thumbing through the materials you send, they feel they already want to do business with you. Why? Because you care about the details, you care about them, and you care about doing great work.
  • Post-Appointment : Maybe you met with someone who has serious potential to be an amazing client but they are either on the edge about your services or just a contact not expecting to do further business with you after an initial consultation. Send your shock and awe package as a way of saying that you want to see more of them.
  • Handling a Patient Referral: A patient of yours gives you the name of their friend who you should get in contact with. By calling them and setting up a free consultation, you automatically feel like a salesman. To diffuse the pressure, send your “shock and awe” package before the meeting. 8 out of 10 referrals are not going to be ready to accept any big case, but sending the shock and awe package will help relax the patient, decrease the likelihood of a no-show, and increase potential for acceptance.
  • Post-Acceptance: Especially after accepting a big case, your patient may be experiencing a certain amount of buyer’s remorse, and may even back out of the deal. Send your shock and awe package to re-establish in their mind that they made the right decision and it’s going to be a great experience.
  • Unexpected Gifts for Existing Patients: Every once in a while, your patients need to be reminded how important they are to you. Strengthen patient loyalty (especially with your favorites) by sending a shock and awe to your current patient base. This will not only help them feel your gratitude, but will remind them of your expertise and professionalism (and may garnish a few referrals).

The shock and awe technique is really just a marketing idea that has really taken hold in the dental industry. It is not, however, guaranteed to boost your production. Platinum Recall dental management services, on the other hand, are guaranteed to bring in 10-40 new patients a month or your money back. Pretty sweet, right? With our patient reactivation system , dental call center providing 24/7 phone answering for dental practices , our visual practice progress gauges, dental lab and dental bookkeeping/dental accounting services , Platinum Recall dental practice management services will boost your practice’s bottom line, guaranteed.

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