5 Ways to Boost Production by Leveraging your Waiting Area

Perhaps the reason beautiful smiles are so striking and attractive is that if they were affordable for everyone, you would see them all the time. If you want to increase the patient case acceptance, your solution may lie in leveraging your waiting area.

1. Get Rid of Magazines in the Waiting Area: This may sound counterintuitive, and you might even get some complaints, but get rid of the Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, Forbes Magazine, and other catalogs you may feature that only compete with you for your patients’ discretionary income. If they spend 15 minutes in your office looking at how much it would cost to buy a new fishing boat, they may be less inclined to give up the money for a root canal. What will you do with the remaining magazines before your subscription runs out? Recycle them, take them home, give them to your staff. Whatever you do, make sure they never creep back into your waiting area again.

2. Feature a “Memory Book”: What do you replace the magazines with? Publish (through an online book publishing company, nothing too fancy) a book featuring past cases. Before and after pictures (especially with veneers or implants). Pull out your dental school cases! With permission, tell the stories of the many patients who started living happier, healthier lives after treatment at your office.

3. Put out Current Copies of your Newsletter: Feature your monthly newsletter—it should include pictures of the patients who won giveaways, interesting articles, recipes, jokes, etc. all with the purpose of strengthening your brand and holding the attention of your patients. When your next patient leaves the waiting area, he will be thinking about what he can do to be featured in your next publication (and maybe which of his friends might benefit from your services.)

4. Change the Channel! : Rather than leaving the waiting area television on a muted news channel, put up slideshows with pictures of you, your staff, your family, and your patients. Successful offices do this to foster a feeling of community in the office. Keep the pictures recent, because people will be watching to see their own picture or people they might recognize. Again, they will leave the waiting area looking forward to getting their picture taken so they can be included in the office community as well.

5. Solicit Referrals/Follows/Reviews: Making this change in your office will not only improve your patient acceptance rate, but it will also increase the feeling of community and desire your patients have to become a more active part of it. They might do this by providing their own Google Review for your office, participating in your next office giveaway contest, or posting a picture of their visit to Facebook. Not to mention, if you don’t have any magazines competing with you in the office for your patients’ attention, they’ll be more likely to see the signs that solicit such active participation in the community you’ve created. Include instructions around the office on how to leave a review (and advertise incentives for leaving reviews and/or submitting patient referrals.)

Using your office in effective ways will increase patient trust, loyalty, and case acceptance. And, if you got nothing else out of this article, start by taking the magazines out, putting up some current pictures of your patients, staff, and family, and actively soliciting referrals and reviews in the office.

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