2 Considerations for Treating and Marketing to Millennials

As generations go, there has never been one quite like Millennials. Typified by their tech-savvy, particular religious and political views, and, most of all,their age, Millennials are growing up and making a name for themselves, and need to be accommodated for.Trying to attract, convert, and monetize when it comes to treating the Millennial generation requires understanding their preferences. Here are 2 considerations to take into account when treating Millennials.

1. No-Needle Anesthesia: As the Millennial generation moves into parenthood, their preferences concerning anesthesia on their children are quite clear–no pain, faster uptake, and less volume. As sedation technology moves forward, needleless anesthesia has become extremely popular with Millennial families and their children, Millennial parents being concerned about the behavioral effects of strong or painful sedation on their children. Marketing to Millennials requires teaching them the sedation options in addition to traditional needle-powered injections. NumBee, Anutra, etc. are products that offer local or inhalable anasthesia that you can offer to attract and convert Millennials into lifelong patients.

2. “Metal is Toxic”: Millennials are fans of white fillings. White fillings not only look better, but they are especially appealing because of the bad reputation metal has for being toxic or somehow more dangerous. For whatever reason, when treating Millennials, white is right. In your office, make it clear that you offer white fillings and highlight the benefits of white fillings. Millennials want restorative dentistry as inconspicuous as possible.

When it comes to treating Millennials and their children, consider their tastes and the circumstances under which they were raised. Attracting and converting more Millennials in your practice will really make a difference, especially in the coming years. Platinum Recall staff training specializes in helping your practice adapt to the changing tides of the dental industry and the changing views of your audience. Marketing to Millennials does present new challenges, but adaptive practices using adaptive technology will not fail. Finding the balance between providing consistent, reliable service and constantly re-evaluating and adjusting to meet the demands of your market takes skill and razor sharp trend perception and identification. Beat the market with Platinum Recall.

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