How to Boost Production: Live Appointment Scheduling to Reactivate

Live Appointment Scheduling to Reactivate Patients

Every office has patients that came in once for a cleaning and never came back. Perhaps they moved, changed offices, but chances are they simply haven’t realized how much time has passed since their last cleaning or haven’t taken the time to call and set up an appointment. This is where Platinum Recall makes a difference in patient retention. We take the records of all the patients you have ever seen, look to see who is overdue for an appointment, and schedule them in.

Why it Works

Most dentists use email or even phone calls from the front desk to reschedule appointments. However, emails are usually passed over and if your front desk staff don’t get through after the first attempt, they are likely to keep moving down the list, revisiting the patients who didn’t pick up when time permits. However, your front desk staff has other things to do.

Our Live Appointment Scheduling calls patients throughout the day, especially in the evenings, when your office is likely to be closed but your patients are likely to be home. With access to your schedule, our dental call center will get your patients back on the schedule.

Increase Patient Loyalty

With our Live Appointment Scheduling, doctors using this service have said again and again that this service increases patient loyalty . Calling patients shows you care about them and their oral health. With Live Appointment Scheduling through Platinum Recall, you can use your records to create lifelong patients.

10-40 Appointments a Month or Your Money Back

We believe in our product, our call center staff are trained to take your records and make more appointments than any office could on their own. As one customer put it, “[Live Appointment Scheduling] made more appointments in two weeks than our staff employees did in four months. We love the service!” If we don’t get at least 10 new appointments on your schedule in a month, you get your money back.

If you’re asking, “How do I sell my practice?” the answer is to sell it to the people you’ve already sold to. Platinum Recall specializes in getting patients already on record back in the dentist chair. The magic lies in the fact that they’ve already been to your office, they just need a friendly invitation to come back. Our dental phone service is a must-have for customers who use it. Give us a call for your free demo to see if you are interested in our dental management services . As the dental call center that will increase your production overnight, we are confident that our dental phone service will make your practice more profitable as soon as you sign up. Call 808-902-9110 today for your free demo.

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