After Hours Live Call Answering

After Hours Live Call Answering

After hours live call answering from Platinum Recall helps catch those calls from new or existing patients do not happen between the hours of 9 and 5. Why is this dental phone service a benefit to your practice?

1. Dental Emergencies: For those calling with dental emergencies, our call center employees are trained to calmly connect your patients to you or direct them to the nearest dental practitioner, depending on case severity and instructions from your office. Our dental call forwarding will send the call straight to your cell or home phone if the situation demands.

2. Scheduling Appointments: For patients calling after hours to schedule an appointment, we’ll make sure no one falls through the cracks.

3. General Questions: Sure, a recording could answer general questions about office hours and directions to the practice. Live answering gives your practice the ability to respond to a broader array of common questions. For patients calling about insurance, treatments offered, payment options, promotions, and appointment availability, our staff are committed to meeting patient needs above and beyond the capabilities of an answering machine, in fact we guarantee it.

4. Call Reporting: We report on the calls you get from the office each month, giving you insights on where new patients are coming from, which of your patients referred them, and other valuable marketing, sales, and demographics information to help you grow your practice most effectively.

5. Grow Patient Loyalty: It really is the little things that convert your patients into lifelong loyal customers. The warmth of a love voice and extra care taken to ensure your patients are satisfied beyond the hours of 9-5 will build patient trust. And patient trust can yield serious dividends.

Our call answering for dentists is just one way Platinum Recall will help your practice grow. With our broad array of dental management services, you can find peace of mind we are working hard to help your practice grow. Remember, if you don’t get at least 10 new patients on the schedule after your first month, you will get your money back. You may be asking, “How do I sell my practice?” The answer is: keep it selling 24 hours a day with our dental call center.

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