• Can a Dental Call Center Help Your Office Reach 2017 Goals?

    Successful dental practices are driven by compelling goals. Creating weekly, monthly, and yearly goals that push your team towards higher production levels is half of the battle, the other half is strategically attacking them. At Platinum Recall, we help dental practices set and meet meaningful goals. How can a dental call center help your practice […]

  • How Do You Know if You Are With the Right Dental Lab?

    If you consider your dental work to be exceptional, you ought to partner with a dental lab that can reflects the same standard. The good news is that understanding the dental industry will help you understand how to pick a good dental lab. Afterall, dental labs run like dental practices. As with dental offices, dental […]

  • Strengthening your Core Competencies

    History is strewn with stories of businesses who have simply spread themselves too thin. For some famous examples, consider John Deere’s attempt to take on logistics (do you really think a farm equipment manufacturer was poised to do Fedex better than Fedex?), Harley Davidson’s venture into perfume (amazing motorcycles, but who wants to smell like […]

  • Taking Your Performance to the Next Level

    If your practice has experienced slow growth, plateaued growth, or declined growth in the past year, you’re not alone. Many practices, despite their efforts to provide quality service, pursue a strategic marketing plan, maximize case acceptance, and make other improvements see negligible growth. Platinum Recall as a suite of services is designed to strengthen your […]

  • Setting Revenue Goals for Your Dental Practice

    Because we work with dental offices around the country at Platinum Recall, we are able to glean industry best practices through observation and research. Our clients come from all areas of the revenue scale–we work with struggling and booming practices and help them move forward regardless of where they begin when they sign up for […]

  • Do I Need a Dental Call Center?

    Many dental practices handle phone answering and patient scheduling in-house. This eliminates the cost of outsourcing and can prevent miscommunication or mishandling of sensitive information. However, dental offices that handle their own phone calls are often limited by the schedule of their office, unable to make calls in the evening when most patients are home, […]

  • Platinum. Dental Lab: Solving the Dental Practice/ Dental Lab Dilemma

    The dental practice/dental lab relationship is a funny one. Very few companies out there have the ability to see both sides of this fence. Since I started offering services in the dental industry to dental practices and went on to acquire dental offices I see both sides of this dilemma. Let me explain. The dental […]

  • Patient Recall: The Heartbeat of Dentistry

    Successful dental practices don’t ask themselves “Should we implement patient recall?” but rather, “How do we attack patient recall?” This is because many patients fall off the radar not by choice, but simply by allowing too much time to pass between appointments (often without realizing it), and activating patients requires some kind of patient recall […]

  • Attracting, Converting, and Monetizing the Right Clientele

    When it comes to running a successful dental practice, the best dental student is not always the best businessman. In fact, when it comes to running a successful dental practice, “winning” in this arena requires expertise in attraction, conversion, and monetization. Your ability to both apply the best tactics within each of these three principles […]

  • Platinum Stats: Reporting Metrics that Matter Most

    One of the most exciting and effective ways to watch your practice grow and pinpoint areas of improvement is through data analytics. Seeing metrics in real time that reflect the state of your practice strengthens your sense of purpose and gives direction to your efforts. However, some dentists get overwhelmed with an overload of data, […]