This is our patient reactivation service. We reach out to your overdue recall patients on behalf of your practice and schedule them right into your practice management software! Our clients love this service because it fills holes in their schedules and allows staff to focus on each patient's experience when they come in to the practice. No more unproductive mornings leaving voicemails asking patients to call back and schedule their overdue hygiene appointments. We can take care of that for you! Because we specialize in reactivating patients, this service averages about a 10:1 return on investment. Pricing is based on the agreed upon number of appointments we schedule for your practice and there is a money back guarantee! In addition, we will never require long-term contracts of any kind or any hidden fees.

We find the most success by reaching out to patients over the phone. Our recall experts compile a list of patients in need of reactivation and give them a call. Our goal is always to reactivate an overdue hygiene appointment or take care of an unscheduled treatment patient.

Furthermore, we send your office a monthly comprehensive report detailing our recall efforts. These reports entail valuable information regarding your patients - updated phone numbers, addresses, insurance details, etc. With the reports we collect, your office is better prepared to make educated decisions as you grow and expand.

Above all, we believe that patient retention stems from a personal touch. In order to be successful, we train on our team do what it takes to please patients. It is our obligation and opportunity to find out what patients want and deliver the best care possible. As we speak with your patients, we update patient information and maintain the rapport your office builds everyday.

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