Along side our Platinum. Recall team, we offer Platinum. Answers. This team provides roll over & after hours phone coverage: Monday – Friday 7am and 9pm MST, and 10am – 3pm MST on Saturdays. We offer two levels of support. Tier 1 is your basic answering service with emergency support and Tier 2 offers full service to your patients including scheduling new patient appointments. Pricing is based on the amount of minutes our team spends assisting your patients. You no longer have to worry about missing new patient or emergency phone calls while in your staff meeting. Our friendly customer service agents will make a great first impression for your new patients and give your existing patients peace of mind in knowing someone is always available.

Platinum. Answers is an effective method for your patients to have increased access to the office. In fact, the lifetime value of a new patient is said to be around $20,000! Therefore, when you hire us to take rollover and after hours calls, you immediately increase your profits.

To be successful, we train everyone on our team to do what it takes to please patients. We believe that patients will choose a dentist that delivers what they want. It is our obligation and opportunity to find out what patients want and deliver the best care possible.

During our on-boarding process, we help your office set up our remote access software, assist you in customizing a forwarding schedule to fit the needs of your practice, and then guide you through the next steps.

When answering calls, our representatives answer as a member of your staff, open your office's schedule via our software, and help the patient with whatever they need. Upon the conclusion of the call, we provide detailed notes with the information and result of the call in a daily email to your office. This way, you always know what is happening with your patients.

These notes include rescheduled appointment information, new patient appointments and their insurance or payment method, as well as messages patients leave for your practice. At Platinum. Answers, we leave notes in the patient files, on the schedule, and in an email to your practice. We make sure to leave insightful notes in each of these locations so that you are always provided with any updated information.


We bill practices based on talk time and the number of New Patient appointments scheduled. We will never require long-term contracts of any kind and have no hidden fees.


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