Whether your office wants to improve dental recall, cater to patients even after your office doors are closed for the day (or both) - Platinum. Services is here for you. We offer top-notch dental recall and call answering services.  Our specialists are here to make it easier for you to effectively manage each area of your practice.

Platinum. Recall - This is the perfect service if you're having trouble maintaining a full schedule or if you would like to reconnect with overdue patients.  Through our proven Patient Retention Program, we consistently reactivate and retain patient bases. Our methods significantly boost hygiene production across the country each month.

Platinum. Recall provides the following benefits:

  • No longer tie up phones during the day with recall efforts
  • Reactivate aging patients and get them back in the office
  • Help with transitions such as new providers, acquisitions or mergers
  • Update patient contact info and clean up recall lists

Platinum. Answers  - We also offer a live call answering for your office. We train our staff to work with your schedule so that patients can still access care when your phones are tied up or you're out of the office.

Platinum. Answers provides the following benefits:

  • No longer miss new patient phone calls
  • Patients can still access care when your staff is with other patients
  • Take care of simple tasks - scheduling, confirming/cancelling appointments, etc
  • Emergency support for patients and on-call doctors

We understand that you want to boost your company's productivity, revenues, and reputation. Hire our qualified and experienced professionals to reach your goals! When we work with you, your long term success is our primary goal. Call us at (800) 900-2012 to get started!

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