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Transforming North American Businesses for Over 15 Years

When you want to see positive change in your dental practice, talk to our experts at Platinum Recall. We offer top-notch dental recall and dental marketing services for customers all throughout North America. Let us show you how to effectively manage each area of your practice through unique and proven methods.

We will help you perfect the following aspects of your business:

  • Platinum. Recall Are you having trouble keeping a solid patient base? Through our proven Patient Retention Program, you will learn how to consistently reactivate and retain your patient base. Our tips and solutions include areas such as avoiding common pitfalls and training your staff how to work more efficiently.
  • Platinum. Stats If you need a simpler method of managing every aspect of your practice, we can help! Our Platinum Stats software helps you to better understand your practice management software, QuickBooks, Facebook, Instagram and Google Analytics.
  • Platinum. Dental Lab When working with each of our customers, we always strongly emphasize the importance of dealing with a trustworthy lab. Autumn Dental Arts is our premier dental lab, offering a full lab with the highest quality products for your business.
  • Platinum. Accounting We can help you to overcome some common mistakes, such as incorrect records, inefficient charting, and an inexperienced accountant. Since there are many details to consider, let us teach you how to properly manage them.

We understand that you want to boost your company productivity, revenues, and reputation. Hire our qualified and experienced professionals to accomplish these very things! When we work with you, we do everything necessary make your long term success our primary goal. Call us at (800) 900-2012 to get started!

Why Choose Us

  • Increase New Patients
  • Retain and Reactivate Patients
  • Accurate Financial Statements

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