• Stocking Stuffers for the Dental Patient on Your List

      Christmas is just around the corner! If you’re scrambling trying to find last minute stocking stuffers for loved ones, we’ve got the list for you – the 5 Best Dental Stocking Stuffers.   1. Electric Toothbrush Electric toothbrushes are the perfect stocking stuffer for every person on your shopping list! There are plenty of […]

  • 5 Ways to Utilize Inexpensive Marketing

      Thanks to the digital age, there are so many tools to utilize for inexpensive marketing – from your couch even! It’s important to be able to market yourself across various platforms in order to reach a variety of potential customers.       1. Social Media   From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to […]

  • 10 Ways to Help Patients With Dental Anxiety

    Patients around the world avoid regular cleanings because of their dental anxiety. This can lead to varying levels of gum disease and cavities – even all sorts of chronic illnesses that could be identified in the dentist chair. In order to better help your patients, we’ve compiled a list of ten ways you can help […]

  • The Role of Social Media in Patient Recall

    Dental offices around the country are using social media in innovative ways to engage with their communities and remain in minds and hearts of their patients. With contests, giveaways, family portraits, memes, photo filters, cheek mouth lip retractors, gifs, viral trends, and other popular social currents. However your office uses social media currently, there are […]

  • Reduce No-Shows, Save Time

    Although we are a dental call center, Platinum Recall is 0% automated and 100% authentic. This means that when we schedule an overdue patient, we make sure to avoid any type of phrasing that could lead to a no-show. We cannot guarantee that every patient we schedule will show up, but we can stand behind […]

  • 3 Tips for Improving Patient Recall

    A well-designed patient recall system is hard to beat when it comes to ROI. In fact, most practices are sitting on tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue at any given moment from overdue hygiene appointments alone–more if you consider other resultant treatment. If you are looking to increase production within your office, developing […]

  • Grow Your Practice Every Month

    Can we compare the process of growing a practice to herding cats, or is that too cliche? At any rate, doctors around the world are working hard to grow their practices by doing everything they can to bring in new patients while retaining all of the patients they have already seen. Constantly developing new ways […]

  • Why You Don’t Need a Patient Coordinator

    Many practices choose to take on their own patient recall by hiring a patient coordinator. The patient coordinator’s job is to develop a well-thought-out telephone script, manage a patient base of 500-1000, make a certain number of patient contacts per day, and schedule a certain number of patients every week. Not only does hiring, training, […]

  • Platinum Recall: Making Patient Recall Great Again

    Patient recall is often called the heartbeat of any thriving practice, and with good reason. Practices who do not engage in any patient recall activities drive up their patient acquisition costs and lose thousands of dollars in revenue every year. If your practice does use any type of patient recall whether it be through text, […]

  • Office Snacks are Optional. Patient Recall is Not.

    While searching for a competitive edge, dental offices try everything from free teeth whitening to in-office snacks. One way to accelerate your office’s performance and boost your bottom line every month is through patient recall. Some offices ask their office managers to take on this responsibility, but at Platinum Recall we consider it our core […]