Stocking Stuffers for the Dental Patient on Your List


Christmas is just around the corner! If you’re scrambling trying to find last minute stocking stuffers for loved ones, we’ve got the list for you – the 5 Best Dental Stocking Stuffers.


1. Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are the perfect stocking stuffer for every person on your shopping list! There are plenty of options in various price ranges, so no matter your situation, these make a great gift.

One perk of electric toothbrushes is that they typically have a built in timer. You’d be surprised by the small percentage of humans that brush their teeth for a full two minutes. But, when your toothbrush has a built in timer, it is so much easier to keep track of the time. Some electric toothbrushes even break the timer up into 30 second sections to give each quadrant of your mouth equal care.

It’s safe to say that these toothbrushes are taking the market by storm. They are great for cleaning your teeth and polishing those hard-to-reach places – which means less cavities! A cavity-free life? Sounds like the best gift somebody could receive!

2. Tooth Socks

The most frequent Christmas tradition we’ve heard across the board is to give/receive socks. What is cuter than these little teeth socks? 

Keep the tradition going while including subtle reminders to keep up on dental hygiene! Plus, they keep your feet warm and look good at the same time.

3. Teeth Whitening

Give your loved ones the best kind of white Christmas in their stocking stuffers this year with teeth whitening. 

Having whiter teeth is a near-instant confidence booster. So when you give the gift of teeth whitening, you’re ultimately giving the gift of self esteem. 

As if that’s not enough reason to look into whitening gifts, they also are available in a variety of price options. For example, as a higher end gift, you could visit your local dentist and obtain a certificate for in office whitening. Or for a more budget friendly option, Crest and other companies offer great and affordable take home options.

4. Tongue Scraper

Everyone has experienced the self conscious moment where somebody is talking to you and you’re completely distracted wondering if they can smell your breath – and it’s not a happy moment for anybody. 

One of the easiest to stop bad breath is to cut it at the source: your tongue. Bacteria growing on your tongue is almost always the cause of stinky breath. Brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth can help, but tongue scrapers are even better. 

These particular tongue scrapers make a fun and affordable stocking stuffer. At only $10, you get two surgeon grade scrapers. They work like a charm when it comes to alleviating bad breath. Plus, you feel clean and ready to go right away!

5. Floss

It’s no secret that flossing is a key to success in dental hygiene – which makes floss a great stocking stuffer! Everybody needs it. 

That being said, most people don’t floss because they don’t think it’s necessary or they don’t enjoy it. But, water flossing is starting to take over. In some instances, it can even be more effective than regular flossing because it makes it easier to get to those hard-to-reach places. 

If your loved one is struggling to keep up with flossing or is looking for a fun way to improve their dental hygiene, this is for sure the way to go!



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