5 Ways to Utilize Inexpensive Marketing

inexpensive marketing


Thanks to the digital age, there are so many tools to utilize for inexpensive marketing – from your couch even! It’s important to be able to market yourself across various platforms in order to reach a variety of potential customers.


    1. Social Media

inexpensive marketing


From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn, in addition to several other major platforms, your opportunities to utilize social media for inexpensive marketing are endless. 

Many practices utilize Facebook Ads to promote their office. Facebook Ads are a super quick and convenient way to market locally. Even better, you don’t need an expert to succeed with these ads – Facebook designs the process to be easy for everyone to use. 

For more information (and to get started!) click the link below:


Instagram also offers a great opportunity for inexpensive marketing. In addition to the ability to promote your posts to people within your community, you are able to follow/interact with profiles in your area. One of the best ways to boost engagement on your practice’s page is to get active on other profiles. Be generous and active with your likes and comments and you will be on your way to increased interactions! When you engage with other profiles, you boost the likelihood that they will check out your page – an instant lead.


2.  Customer Referral Program

inexpensive marketing

Another resource for inexpensive marketing is to utilize your already happy patients. Encourage patients to refer your office to their friends by entering all referrals into a monthly drawing. This can be a great chance to partner with local companies as well. See if you can get nearby restaurants, salons, etc to sponsor your monthly giveaways in exchange for promoting them.


3.  Blogging

inexpensive marketing


Blogging is an easy way to drive more people to your website. Post weekly or monthly, depending on your availability, while simultaneously informing your readers and increasing website traffic. WordPress and other platforms offer helpful plug-ins that analyze your posts to coach you through meeting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Requirements to make you appear higher on Google. This way, when consumers go looking for the answer to a question, they find your page and hopefully spend time exploring your product – in this case, dental services.


4. Email Marketing


Email marketing is another huge opportunity for dental practices. Since you already have your patients’ contact information, you also already have your email list ready. Pull all the email addresses together and create monthly content to send to the group so that they think of your office at least once a month. Whether this be a newsletter that you send out, info for your referral drawing, or promotions going on within the office, email marketing is an easy and inexpensive way to reach your patients on a regular basis.


5. Website


Gone are the days when you needed to hire an expert to create your website – with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and all the other website platforms out there, you can create your company website with minimal experience. Once your website is up and running, install an SEO Helper plug-in and get your site pulling up higher and higher in Google’s search results. For more information on how to utilize SEO Requirements to your benefit, look to https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo . If you have a clean and easy-to-use website, your patients have a quick place to turn to when they need more info. And even better, they have a great resource to send to their friends to refer your office and boost your client base. 



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