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As part of our company growth in 2019, we implemented 10 Core Values for our employees to abide by. As a result, we’ve seen great advances in our performance and company culture. We’ve certainly been able to strengthen relationships with our clients by incorporating these core values and want to share them with you!

core values

Serve Others

To be successful we must deliver nothing short of “wow” customer service. We believe in serving all people and that service is the basis for a better world. This is the approach we take in working with all of our clients and their patients.


core values

Patients Drive Our Business

To be successful everyone must do what it takes to please patients. We believe that patients will choose a dentist that delivers what they want. With our office management services, your patients are always our priority. We work diligently to ensure that we deliver the best care possible on behalf of your practice.


core values

Do More With Less

To be successful we must grow and operate profitably. We believe that profitability provides security and opportunity for everyone. We ensure that we are always utilizing our resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. This includes the time that we spend working with your office. We dedicate ourselves to increasing the profitability of your practice with our office management software.


Build Positive Team and Family Relationships

To be successful we must invest in our relationships – both inside and outside of the office. We believe that stronger relationships build a stronger team. The more unified we are at Platinum. Services, the better service we can provide for your practice and patients.


Aspire for Education

To be successful we must educate ourselves. We believe education is the key to better healthcare. It is our obligation to educate patients on the best treatment options. We believe that continuous education leads to continuous improvement – and we promise to bring this service to your patients.


Be Humble

To be successful we must embrace and drive change. We believe humility is a requirement for growth and change.


Build Open and Honest Relationships

To be successful we must operate with the highest level of honesty and integrity. We believe in the ethical care of patients. Honesty and integrity will establish trust and lead to long-lasting relationships with patients.  We believe that open and honest communication creates a safe environment, free of judgement and gossip.


core values

Be Happy

To be successful is to be happy. We believe happiness is a choice. Happiness will help us embrace opportunity and cultivate a comfortable place for patients, doctors and team.


Teamwork is Essential

To be successful we must work as a team. We fail or succeed as a team. We believe in a safe work environment that is free of danger and judgement. Good ideas can come from anyone. We believe in collaboration and listening to everyone.


Clinical Excellence

To be successful we must continuously strive on all levels for Clinical Excellence. We know dentistry continues to change. At Platinum. Services, we continue to provide the level of clinical excellence your patients are accustomed to.


Throughout 2019, we’ve observed great success in our staff through emphasizing our core values to enrich our customer service everyday. If your practice is looking to improve dental recall and increase company profits, give us a call at 800.900.2012.

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