The Role of Social Media in Patient Recall

Dental offices around the country are using social media in innovative ways to engage with their communities and remain in minds and hearts of their patients. With contests, giveaways, family portraits, memes, photo filters, cheek mouth lip retractors, gifs, viral trends, and other popular social currents. However your office uses social media currently, there are ways you can optimize your social media use as a patient retention tool.

So, how can you use social media to retain the most valuable part of your practice? Here are 3 ways:

  1. Don’t Use Personal Messages, but Engage Personally with Your Patients. Unless there is a specific reason that makes sense to personally message a patient (we recommend using every available contact message BEFORE resorting to a PM on Facebook or Instagram, in order to keep things professional), you should never personally message a patient on social media. However, there are other professional ways to engage with your patients in a personal way! Replying directly to your patients’ comments or reviews, tagging your patients in your pictures, taking pictures with patients and posting them, and posting information about local events that your patients may participate in are great ways to engage personally with your patients. Again, here is a summary:
  • Take pictures with your patients
  • Post and tag your pictures with/of your patients
  • Reply to your patients’ comments
  • Respond warmly to your patients’ reviews
  • Post information about local events
  • Participate in local events, take pictures (and post them)
  • If any of your patients own or work at local businesses, be sure to visit them and take pictures (and post your pictures!)
  • Invite your patients to like your office’s page (not just with a sign in your office, but with personal invitations.)
  1. Use Facebook Targeted Ads to remind patients of deals, the need for appointments. Popping up in your patients’ news feed (even if your ad says to something besides “Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Cleaning!”) can be effective in planting the idea into your patients’ head that they need to see your office!
  2. Follow your patients. You ask your patients to follow you—have you ever thought to return the favor? Especially on Instagram, following your patients shows them how interested you are in their lives. And, if you follow your patients on Instagram, don’t be afraid to like their posts every once in a while.

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