Reduce No-Shows, Save Time

Although we are a dental call center, Platinum Recall is 0% automated and 100% authentic. This means that when we schedule an overdue patient, we make sure to avoid any type of phrasing that could lead to a no-show. We cannot guarantee that every patient we schedule will show up, but we can stand behind the 12-1 ROI that our partnering dental offices report . This means that for every dollar you pay for dental recall services at Platinum Recall, you can expect to receive 12 more. Pretty sweet, right?

Why would you want to reduce no-shows with Platinum Recall? It’s quite simple–fewer no-shows save you time and money. Fewer no-shows reduce your patient acquisition costs. Fewer no-shows improve your bottom line. Fewer no-shows make you (and your team) more relaxed. Just imagine the repercussions.

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The benefits to having fewer no-shows aren’t news to you, though. So, what are you waiting for? Call Ashley, our incredible customer service rep and patient recall guru, to schedule a free demo today. Find out how much better your office functions on more effective recall and fewer no-shows as a result. You can thank us later.

Platinum Recall is a dental call center that specializes in guaranteeing 10-40 new patient appointments every month for dental offices around the country. We treat our partnering offices like family and align our pay incentives with your office’s succes, which means that we don’t get paid unless you do.

Imagine how much more likely your patients will be to show up for their dental appointment when they are personally hand-dialed on their time by our experienced staff? There’s a reason our partnering offices succeed! Make your office a Platinum Recall partner by calling 800.900.2012

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