Why You Don’t Need a Patient Coordinator

Many practices choose to take on their own patient recall by hiring a patient coordinator. The patient coordinator’s job is to develop a well-thought-out telephone script, manage a patient base of 500-1000, make a certain number of patient contacts per day, and schedule a certain number of patients every week. Not only does hiring, training, and managing this employee require valuable time and resources, adding another employee can drastically affect your profit margins. Patient coordinators are a great investment for some practices but here’s why a dental call center is better:

1.) Patient Coordinators Require Training: Getting your patient coordinator up to speed takes time, meaning your investment in them will take a while to pay off. Platinum Recall Services pay for themselves within the first month.

2.) Patient Coordinators have to Develop their Own Script: Your patient coordinator will take months if not years to develop his/her script through trial and error. Our competent and passionate staff at Platinum Recall has been developing and perfecting a telephone script over thousands if not millions of phone calls. We know how to diminish the risk of no-shows and manage the professional image of your practice.

3.) Patient Coordinators are Expensive: Whether or not your patient coordinator schedules patients or not, you still have to pay his/her salary. At Platinum Recall, you only pay us for the appointments we actually get on the books. Not only is this a zero-risk investment for your practice, but we only schedule the number of people you want and need every month, usually between 10 and 40 new patient appointments every month.

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If you are looking to boost production without increasing your staff, call Platinum Recall. We optimize your performance every month to diminish risk and improve profitability. Call us at 800.900.2012 to schedule your free demo.

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