Grow Your Practice Every Month

Can we compare the process of growing a practice to herding cats, or is that too cliche? At any rate, doctors around the world are working hard to grow their practices by doing everything they can to bring in new patients while retaining all of the patients they have already seen. Constantly developing new ways to bring in more patients, many doctors neglect patient retention as an important way to grow a practice month after month.

Why does your practice need to engage in patient retention activities through Platinum Recall in order to ensure your practice’s growth? It’s the only risk-free way to eliminate patient loss and maintain constant growth. In other words, you lose patients every month no matter what, but you don’t have to frantically try to gain more than you lose in order to maintain steady growth–effective patient recall is the solution.

How can we guarantee that our product is risk-free? Well, we designed it that way! You only pay us for the appointments we actually schedule, usually around 10-40 a month depending on the needs of your practice. With no contracts keeping you locked in, your

Not convinced? Our partnering practices report a 12-1 ROI on our services, which is pretty good in any arena. Please talk to Ashley, our client service specialist, with any questions you have about Platinum Recall at 800-900-2012. The question is not whether or not your practice needs patient recall–every practice needs to retain their patients through one means or another. For the most effective, risk-free option, choose Platinum Recall.

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