Platinum Recall: Making Patient Recall Great Again

Patient recall is often called the heartbeat of any thriving practice, and with good reason. Practices who do not engage in any patient recall activities drive up their patient acquisition costs and lose thousands of dollars in revenue every year. If your practice does use any type of patient recall whether it be through text, direct mail, or phone calls directly from the receptionist’s desk, you’ve probably seen good results. However, at Platinum Recall we are never satisfied with good results, we work for great results. Here’s how we are making patient recall great again at Platinum Recall:

1.) We Never Over-Charge Our Partnering Practices: At Platinum Recall we only charge a commission based on the appointments we actually schedule. That means your practice will never get over-charged for patient recall services that aren’t delivering.

2.) Absolutely No Contracts: We don’t do contracts because we don’t believe in them, but rather we believe in mutually beneficial relationships. This means that the moment you believe your practice no longer benefits from our patient recall services, just give us a call!

3.) Every Phone Call is Hand-Dialed: We are making patient recall great again by keeping every phone call personal. This means our phone calls to your valued patients are 100% authentic, and 0% autodialed or robotic. We staff our dental call center with local dental hygiene students who are passionate about the dental industry and looking for relevant experience to their chosen field of study.

4.) 10-40 New Appointments Scheduled Every Month, Guaranteed: At Platinum Recall, we remote into your practice management system to record patient appointments in real time on your schedule. We guarantee 10-40 new appointments scheduled every month, based on your preferences and availability.

Platinum Recall is actively working to make patient recall great again. To schedule your free consultation or to talk to Ashley W., our customer service specialist, please contact us at 800-421-6263.

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