Office Snacks are Optional. Patient Recall is Not.

While searching for a competitive edge, dental offices try everything from free teeth whitening to in-office snacks. One way to accelerate your office’s performance and boost your bottom line every month is through patient recall. Some offices ask their office managers to take on this responsibility, but at Platinum Recall we consider it our core competency.

To compete in today’s business world, marketing gimmicks (like office snacks) are optional–patient recall is not. Serious dental practices leverage the growth-inducing power of their own records by simply activating every patient their practice has ever seen. In some cases, this means contacting patients who haven’t been in to the office in up to 5 years. Dental offices reluctant to tap into their reservoir of patient records are missing out on a huge source of revenue just waiting to be seen.

Old School Patient Recall vs. Platinum Recall

Old-School patient recall involves asking your over-burdened office manager to dig deep into patient records and figure out who has not been seen in over 6 months. Platinum Recall works with your system–we remote-in to your CRM software and work with your current system to contact and schedule patients using our 5 tenets of quality.

Platinum Recall can transform your practice by

  • Revitalizing your inactive patients
  • Reducing patient aquisition costs
  • Increasing monthly revenue

Many dental practices have seen dramatic results by using our patient recall and phone answering services. Why does it work? Because we can do it faster, better, and more effectively than any office manager and more competitively than any other dental call center, we take pride in providing a 12x ROI for each and every dental office we partner with.

Platinum Recall Empowers Small and Mid-Size Dental Practices

Whether your office has been in business for 2 months or 20 years, we can strengthen your production levels and improve patient retention. Although today’s environment for a dentist may be the most competitive it’s ever been, we can ensure that every dollar you spend in patient aquisition will not be lost through effective patient retention.

Nov 26, 2015 | | Provo , UT
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

“We have had your service for years. I cannot imagine ever going without it.”

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