Getting Butts in Operatories: The Power of DIALOGUE

Platinum Recall views every client as a partnership–when we partner with you and your practice, your success is our success! We try our hardest to get butts in operatories, which means we vet every person we contact. What does this mean? Here are 3 rules we live by:

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1.) Never Use Phrases Like “Reserve” or “Hold Your Spot”: Although we want to schedule as many appointments as we can, we never schedule anyone who seems unsure or unlikely to show. Our real goal is to fill your schedule with new or re-activated patients, and a name with a no-show does not cut it by our standards or yours.

2.) Call Patients on Their Time: Most offices ask patients in their new patient documents what time is best for them and what number is best to contact at them. So, even when your office is closed and your staff gone home, our staff can call any day of the week at any time.

3.) Avoid Patients Who Owe You Money: Before we call anyone on your patient records, we make sure they have no outstanding charges on their account.

Platinum Recall strengthens practices around the country, charging you only a small percentage of every reactivated patient we actually schedule. We guarantee a certain number of appointments every month, only charging you for the work we actually accomplish on behalf of your practice. Our clients also love that we require absolutely no contract, so your partnership with is is 100% risk-free.

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