Platinum Recall’s 5 Tenets of Quality

At Platinum Recall, we are committed to ensuring quality for our clients–reactivating patients requires a finesse and attention to detail that not many of our competitors understand. For these and other reasons, we live by 5 essential tenets:

1.) Say “NO” to Auto-Dialers: All of our calls are hand dialed, and we do this for several reasons. We believe strongly in calling people when they indicated they are free on your patient records (usually in the evenings) and not spinning out numbers as rapidly as we possibly can. A person has to meet our quality standards before our scheduling professionals give them a ring.

2.) Knowlegdable Staff : We staff our Dental Call Center with local hygiene students–this gives them great experience with the language of their chosen profession and provides you and your patients the ability to speak with knowledgable professionals, seamlessly simulating your own team. We ensure our staff understands perfectly the nature of your patient’s case and can speak fluently about the wide range of possible dental needs before they jump on the phones.

3.) Screening No-Shows: We believe in the power of DIALOGUE, meaning we avoid putting anyone on your schedule who seems less-than-committed to actually meeting your appointment. This means we never use phrases like “reserve your spot” or other dialogue that promotes no-shows or recreates the scenario in which they became an over-due patient in the first place!

4.) Avoiding Patients with Past-Due Balances: We never call patients who owe your office thousands of dollars–this is one of the ways we screen for quality before we dial your esteemed patients.

5.) DIALOGUE, DIALOGUE, DIALOGUE: As we indicated before, we believe strongly in the power of our scripts. We have vetted them over many years and hundreds of thousands of phone calls. Our team knows how to put your patients at ease and make them feel your care and concern for them, and help them understand how to prepare for their appointment and arrive to your office (if they have forgotten how to get there). We also offer bilingual services!

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Platinum Recall is a dental call center that provides patient reactivation services for dental offices around the United States and Canada. For a free consultation or more information, call our office at 800.900.2012

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