Boosting Your Bottom Line

For many Dentists, providing excellent dental care is enough to take up 100% of their work day. The marketing, team building, payroll, hiring, office management, accounting, and other aspects of running a successful practice become part of a long list of to-do’s for the over-booked doctor. Delegating important tasks to the right people is a fundamental aspect of successful practice management.

At Platinum Recall, we know the monetary value of contacting patients you’ve seen, but perhaps haven’t been back in a while. Getting in contact with the hundreds of people on your practice’s books is certainly something any competent dentist or office manager could take on, but is a task that requires more time and dedication than most dentists and their staff can sacrifice.

Our core competency at Platinum Recall is contacting patients on your records at their convenience (usually during hours of the day when you are not in the office) and scheduling their next appointment with you. We reactivate hundreds of patients for doctors around the U.S. every day, and guarantee that if you don’t get 10-40 appointments through our services every month of service, we will refund your money. With no risk to you, Platinum Recall provides only upside to the dental offices we serve, boosting their bottom line and increasing patient retention rates at dental practices nationwide.

Not convinced? Call our office at 888.902.9110 for a free consultation. Ask any questions, talk with the operators of our dental call center, and find out if Platinum Recall dental patient recall services are right for you and your team. Strengthening productivity in a dental office is not easy, but when you delegate patient recall to the right team you’ll be surprised how simple it is.

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