5 Reasons Your Practice Needs a Dental Call Center

Platinum Recall is a dental call center that specializes in patient retention and after-hours call answering for dental offices. We fill in the empty spaces of an office’s schedule and reactivate patients your office may not have seen in 5 years! We guarantee 10-40 new patient appointments a month or your money back with no fixed contract. Most of the practies we work with say that they can not reach their revenue goals without us , which is why we feel confident our service can help any practice grow.

If you’re not sure why your practice needs Platinum Recall, however, here are some reasons why:

1.) Hundreds of patients are lost every year (unintentionally). Patients often neglect to schedule or attend appointments long after 6 months have passed since their last cleaning, simply needing a friendly reminder to rechedule them. Making the effort to contact your patients reinforces in your patients’ minds that your practice really does care about them.

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2.) You work so hard to acquire new patients, why let them go so easily? No matter what your practice’s current patient acquisition costs, it will always cost your practice less to maintain relationships with current patients than to continue fighting to acquire new patients. Platinum Recall is a simple solution to reduce your practice’s patient acquisition costs through effective retention.

3.) Many services offer patient reactivation, but Platinum Recall uses a trained, living, American voice to contact your patients. Emails, text messages, and snail mail often fails to reach patients, and has an even smaller chance of scheduling an appointment. Our dental call center, however, reaches your patients in an effective way to get them on your schedule. And, if we didn’t mention it before, we guarantee 10-40 new appointments a month or your money back.

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4.) Platinum Recall maximizes your marketing power. Platinum Recall patient reactivation is designed to enhance your marketing activities, not replace them. We consider our 24/7 live call answering and patient contacting/scheduling as a way to add a personal touch to the way you reach your intended audience. Boost your production by directly reaching those patients who have already been treated at your office, and continue your efforts to attract new patients through mailers, emails, social media, and other marketing platforms.

5.) Most dental practices don’t have the capacity to run patient recall activities alone. Oftentimes, an over-booked office manager is assigned the task of patient recall activities. Calling old patients and going through past records is a lot of work for a team of people, and for one person with a list of pressing to-do’s within the office already, patient recall activities often go neglected. We believe in the power of core competencies , which is why we believe we can take on your practice’s patient recall more effectively and inexpensively than your staff can, allowing your team to focus on their jobs more effectively as well.

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