Can a Dental Call Center Help Your Office Reach 2017 Goals?

Successful dental practices are driven by compelling goals. Creating weekly, monthly, and yearly goals that push your team towards higher production levels is half of the battle, the other half is strategically attacking them. At Platinum Recall, we help dental practices set and meet meaningful goals.

How can a dental call center help your practice reach its goals next year? Patient recall and 24/7 call answering fills in the empty spaces of a schedule and reactivates patients that a practice has already seen, but that are overdue for a checkup. We help practices optimize their marketing strategy by reducing patient acquisition costs, giving doctors more bang for their buck. Practices that make the mistake of ignoring or leaving to an over-booked office manager this important aspect of practice management lose the potential sales that come from old patient records and after-hours calls. At Platinum Recall, we believe in the value of focusing on this area of marketing to strengthen your performance without “re-inventing the wheel” when it comes to patient acquisition.

Now is the time to prepare to make 2017 your highest grossing year yet. Take your team and your practice to the next level by calling 800.900.2012 to learn more about how Platinum Recall can take your practice to new heights.

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