How Do You Know if You Are With the Right Dental Lab?

If you consider your dental work to be exceptional, you ought to partner with a dental lab that can reflects the same standard.

The good news is that understanding the dental industry will help you understand how to pick a good dental lab. Afterall, dental labs run like dental practices. As with dental offices, dental laboratories come with different types, different qualities, and different expectations–all of which ought to be taken into consideration when choosing to partnet with a dental lab.

For example, when labs have poor turnaround times, the faults of the lab follow the dental practice, causing that reputation to fall upon the doctor. Soon you will be known for having poor turnaround times for your patients, thanks to the slow processes of the lab. This is why dentists should keep these five traits of an exceptional dental lab in mind when choosing a dental lab:

1.) Latest Technology

Technology is ever changing and plays a pivotal role in the production of dental lab work. Digital scanning, 3D digital printing, and efficient milling units represent a few advancements in recent years. However, an exceptional dental lab must keep investing and advancing with technology in order to meet the needs of their clients, and a lab that fails to do so does not deserve your business.

2.) Knowledge & Expertise

Great dental labs hold many years of industry experience–that’s what makes them trustworthy. Do the certified lab technicians and support team working in the lab receive training just as a dentist and his/her team would? Continuing education in this industry is essential to maintaining quality. To find out if the dental lab you hope to work with stays up-to-date through ongoing training, can and inquire. Find out, “Are they happy and knowledgeable?” and steer clear of laboratories that don’t.

3.) Effective Client Communication

An exceptional dental lab did not create a reputation based on bad reviews and negative comments between dentists, but on results and care. When you are seeking out a new lab partnership, you should give the communication a test drive. Talk to a technician, customer support team member, or even the owner to see if you communicate well. Again, are they happy? Behind the smoke and mirrors are words and conversations. You need to work with someone that communicates the way that you communicate best. Are you better by text, email, phone, or video? When are you available to talk to your lab partner? Establishing this prior to a partnership will create a lasting relationship filled with exceptional results and happy patients.

4.) Using Modern Materials

The quality of restorative or cosmetic dental products depend on the materials used to create them. Exceptional dental labs use the best materials based on client needs, not based on cost or effort to them. Choose a lab that uses the best, most modern materials and that completey understands the pro’s/con’s of different materials.

5.) Understanding Client Expectations

Autumn Dental Arts, Platinum Recall’s premier provider of dental lab services, understands better than anyone that their success is inestricably tied to patient satisfaction. An exceptional dental lab takes time to understand the client’s needs and expectations, in addition to recognizing their communication style. For a lasting and effective relationship with your dental lab, find one that clearly understands your expectations.

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