• Attracting, Converting, and Monetizing the Right Clientele

    When it comes to running a successful dental practice, the best dental student is not always the best businessman. In fact, when it comes to running a successful dental practice, “winning” in this arena requires expertise in attraction, conversion, and monetization. Your ability to both apply the best tactics within each of these three principles […]

  • Platinum Stats: Reporting Metrics that Matter Most

    One of the most exciting and effective ways to watch your practice grow and pinpoint areas of improvement is through data analytics. Seeing metrics in real time that reflect the state of your practice strengthens your sense of purpose and gives direction to your efforts. However, some dentists get overwhelmed with an overload of data, […]

  • Why Platinum Recall Clients Make More Money

    Dental practices in 2016 face a lot of the same challenges. For example, many dentists find themselves asking, “How do I produce more without investing in more staff, assets, or working longer hours?” or, “How do I increase case acceptance?” or, “How do I attract and retain more patients?” and other similar questions. However pervasive […]

  • Addressing 2 Industry Challenges in 2016

    Although every practice is different, most practices share similar struggles, especially considering the common industry in a national economy. Dental Economics magazine polled dental practices all over the United States, revealing that two thirds of practices polled share two issues. Here are some insights as to what you can do if you find your practice […]

  • Why Dental Recall Services Work

    Platinum Recall’s name comes from our signature service, our dental recall service Platinum Recall. If you don’t know how it works, you may be missing out. If not for the guarantee of 10-40 new patients a month or your money back, Platinum Recall is a service most practice’s who sign up for it cannot live […]