• Dental Accounting Services: Watch Your Profit Soar

    Dental practices experience more fraud in their bookkeeping than perhaps companies in any other industry. The reality is, the dentist has enough going on to keep the practice running, and ensuring that their office staff are abiding by GAAP standards is just one more business “to-do”. Suggested Reading: How do I sell my dental practice? […]

  • How Do I Boost Production?

    A lot of dentists are facing the same challenges: “How do I boost production without investing in more staff, assets, or working longer hours?” or, “How do I increase case acceptance?” or, “How do I attract and retain more patients?” and others. We know that many dental practices face these same problems because we talk […]

  • Cancellation Policy

    When a patient schedules an appointment in a dental office, the office sets aside a part of it’s day to attend to the patient. During this time, the office is expected to make a certain profit depending on what procedures are being done for the patient. When a patient cancels, it leaves the office with […]