• How to Get More Google Reviews

    As discussed in a previous article about the importance of getting Google reviews, the question is, “How do we get more of them??” In BightLocal’s survey, they found that reviews over a month old were irrelevant. This means that your practice needs new reviews as often as possible. Here are some tips for getting more […]

  • What is Your Practice’s Unique Selling Proposition?

    When it comes to the dental industry, the best marketer wins (even if that dentist was a C student in dental school). As marketing is so essential to success in dentistry, an important marketing principle to understand is the USP. A USP is a Unique Selling Proposition , or what sets a business apart from […]

  • Optimizing your Staff

    Guest Post from dilleydental.com Many dentists wonder about if they have the right number of people helping them run the business. The average dental practice needs a hygienist, an assistant and an office manager at the minimum, and most offices hire more to accommodate for production levels. However, if you have too many staff you […]