• Marketing a Dental Practice: Mailers 101

    Dental practices see mixed results when they mail flyers advertising their services to local neighborhoods. No one wants to add to the pile of junk mail that their patients throw away, and that fear may keep you from investing in a mailing list and sending your flyer out. However, some practices see great results using […]

  • Changes in the Dental Industry: Instagram for Dental Practices

    If your practice is using social media to stay in the minds and hearts of the community you serve, then you know the benefit an occasional Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Plus post can have on your practice. It strengthens your brand, establishes goodwill, and can even aid in new patient acquisition. Different rules govern […]

  • Attracting New Patients to Your Practice: Shock and Awe

    Trying to attract new patients? (and the right ones?) Try the “Shock and Awe” approach . (Click that link for additional ideas on how to use the “Shock and Awe” to build your practice). “Shock and Awe” was originally a military doctrine, used to overwhelm and paralyze the enemy with spectacular displays of power (explosives, […]

  • How Do I Sell My Dental Practice?

    The dental industry is ever-changing—processes and techniques that once produced booming business now barely eke out enough revenue to pay the bills. In reality, the market dentists work in today is as different from previous generations in the same profession as it is increasingly competitive and difficult to enter. Dental students enter the market with […]

  • The Importance of Online Reviews for Your Office

    How well are you managing your online reputation? The BrightLocal 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey revealed important and undeniable results relevant for dentists. Here are five takeaways from their report: 1. Consumers read even fewer reviews than they once did before deciding to pick up the phone or call. 40% of consumers read 1-3 reviews […]

  • 2 Considerations for Treating and Marketing to Millennials

    As generations go, there has never been one quite like Millennials. Typified by their tech-savvy, particular religious and political views, and, most of all,their age, Millennials are growing up and making a name for themselves, and need to be accommodated for.Trying to attract, convert, and monetize when it comes to treating the Millennial generation requires […]

  • Strengthening Chairside Communication 101

    What single initiative within a dental office has the potential to immediately boost patient satisfaction? Studies show that credentials and clinical expertise have a lesser impact on patient satisfaction ratings than simple, effective communication between doctor and patient. In other words, dentists who take the time to educate their patients, explain treatment in layman’s terms, […]

  • 6 Fool-Proof Ways to Improve Patient Communication Today

    Educate your patients and build their trust in you by creating an atmosphere that fosters open, collaborative communication. What does this mean? Rather than one-sided lecturing, the goal should be to create a partnership that involves cooperation with the patient in both decision-making and the care plan. As the dentist, your goal is not to […]

  • 5 Ways to Boost Production by Leveraging your Waiting Area

    Perhaps the reason beautiful smiles are so striking and attractive is that if they were affordable for everyone, you would see them all the time. If you want to increase the patient case acceptance, your solution may lie in leveraging your waiting area. 1. Get Rid of Magazines in the Waiting Area: This may sound […]

  • Getting Your Team on the Same Page

    11% of dentists polled in the 2014 Dental Economics national survey said that their biggest challenge was “working with my team.” The key players in an office include (but are not limited to) the doctor, hygienists, assistants and office staff. In order to get the office working at full efficiency, everybody has to be on […]