• The 2 Biggest Challenges Facing Dental Practices Today

    Although every practice is different, most practices share similar struggles, especially considering the common industry in a national economy. Dental Economics magazine polled dental practices all over the United States, revealing that two thirds of practices polled share two issues. Here are some insights as to what you can do if you find your practice […]

  • How to Boost Production: Live Appointment Scheduling to Reactivate

    Live Appointment Scheduling to Reactivate Patients Every office has patients that came in once for a cleaning and never came back. Perhaps they moved, changed offices, but chances are they simply haven’t realized how much time has passed since their last cleaning or haven’t taken the time to call and set up an appointment. This […]

  • After Hours Live Call Answering

    After Hours Live Call Answering After hours live call answering from Platinum Recall helps catch those calls from new or existing patients do not happen between the hours of 9 and 5. Why is this dental phone service a benefit to your practice? 1. Dental Emergencies: For those calling with dental emergencies, our call center […]